Abdi Ali Ba’alwan passes away in Germany


GERMANY (SOMALI INFO) Abdi Ali Ba’alwan (Cabdi Cali Bacalwaan) , a well-known Somali musician, died last wednesday night in Germany after a long illness. 

The singer, who has been in critical condition for the past couple of weeks, was being treated at a hospital in Mainz, Germany. He has not yet revealed the cause of his death. 

The Somali government has extended its condolences to the late musician’s family and relatives, saying that he played a very important role in the art of music in the region. 

Ba’alwan was also a composer who entered the musical atmosphere in 1965.

In the 1980s, he was one of the Waberi band’s pillars, singing various love songs and patriotism.

Born in Wardher, Ethiopia administered Somali region, he moved to Somalia at a tender age.

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