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Somaliland Skills Training Association (SOSTA) is a non-profit making organization, which was founded in 2008 and with headquarters in Borama, Awdal region of Somaliland but planning to operate in all regions of Somaliland. SOSTA’s vision is to become a leading employment and skills training organization in Somaliland as well as empowering vulnerable groups to capitalize on their resources. Its mission is to help alleviate the sufferings of unemployed youth, women, IDPs and other vulnerable groups. The organization has a formal organizational structure that defines the roles and responsibility of its members and staff guided by clear policy and procedures

Job Title:
Agriculture and NRM Officer

Reports to:
Programme Manager

Direct Reports:
Project Assistants or Extension Workers

Job Location:
Based in Borama, Awdal Region

1 year & Renewable

Three Months’ Probation Period

Job Purpose:
Programme Agronomist is responsible for the management of the agricultural and NRM activities of the


Program implementation and Development

Main Duties
·   Mobilize communities and programme participants in support of SOSTA’s Programme Manager, including

development of selection criteria and joint verification.

·   Organize programme participants to undergo a training curriculum linked to the Farmer Field School


·   In collaboration/conjunction with project manager and Community Resilience Committee (CRCs) select

the sites of Farmers Field School (FFS) communal demonstration plots.

·   In coordination with Management, develop and refine training materials aimed at maximizing relevance,

participation and action learning.

Support SOSTA’s Logistics Unit to ensure timely procurement and delivery of quality supplies and services required by the agriculture programme.

Make regular field visits to inspect and monitor the overall crop performance and persistence of pest infestation or damage caused by pest.
In collaboration with field staff, extension workers and target farmers conduct seasonal crop harvest assessment.
Provide technical input and support to Field Staff and Community Extension Workers on the project capacity building issues
Develop and deliver programme work plans and contribute to budget preparation and management
Prepare/Compile the monthly, quarterly, annually and Contribute to the preparation and collection of case studies to demonstrate programme impact and share with the Program Manager.
Provide direct and continuous assistance to farmers and ensure sustainable agriculture technologies and conduct new innovations through FFS
Maintain proper records and documentations related FFS groups at field level in respective villages.
In collaboration with program manager, CRCs and FFS groups organize and conduct field days on FFS communal plots among wider farming community invited to demonstrate and disseminate improved farming techniques.
In collaboration/conjunction with program manager, CRCs and farmers in target areas organize and conduct crop harvest assessment and prepare assessment report.
Provide technical expertise and strategic guidance to all NRM components of the BRCiS project, assuming quality control of interventions.
Mobilize communities and programme participants in support of SOSTA’s Programme Manager, including development of selection criteria and joint verification in the coordination and implementation of planned activities.
Identify the strategic locations for specific interventions (e.g. areas for afforestation, reforestation and agroforestry, terraced farming and rain water harvesting practices and establishment of vegetative barriers, gully rehabilitation/stream bank protection and other soil and water conservation methods) for soil stabilization and minimization of landslide risks.
Recommend and facilitate the implementation of a range of effective community level watershed management measures fitted to reduce direct physical impacts of high intensity rainfall events (landslides) in climate vulnerable hotspots in the target area.
Oversee the establishment of self-sustaining tree nurseries with project manager and Community Resilience Committee (CTRCs) to provide indigenous and fruit tree seedlings for community environment conservation activities and farmers’ income improvement.
Any other additional duties as may be assigned that by the Project Manager.

Monitoring and Reporting

Collect (or support others to collect) and compile all required monitoring data in a timely manner.
Monitor soil condition and evaluate parameters such as soil fertility, compaction, drainage, and soil moisture contents
Formulate field agricultural plans and share with field staff and at the same time do reviews of agricultural plans on monthly basis
Participate with project field staff in formulating community action plans and submitting the report on right time
Undertake additional assessments, beneficiary interviews in case necessary, to keep up to date with community perceptions of the project, changing needs and opinions.
Participate in project assessments, surveys, surveillance, program reviews and other monitoring activities as required.
Compile and prepare monthly, quarterly, annually and field reports at the field level and submit to the Programs Coordinator
Contribute to the preparation and collection of case studies to demonstrate programme impact
Undertake regular visits to the project sites and report back with findings/recommendations
Participate participatory evaluations in the project areas and make necessary recommendations to improve project activities
Monitor & supervise and make follow-ups for the project activities using project monitoring tools.


Liaise with other teams to ensure collaboration and integrated support to vulnerable families wherever possible.
Participate in internal programme meetings as required
Coordinate and guide field staff and Community extension workers in undertaking periodic training need assessments and identify capacity gaps.


Look for opportunities to expand, improve or adapt the programme and advise the SOSTA management
Other tasks as may reasonably be requested by the SOSTA management


Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture related field


At least 3 years professional experience in development projects with relation to sustainable agriculture.

●   Significant experience in Farmers Field Schools (FFS) and other community participatory approaches.

●   Significant experience in the context, and familiarity with the project area

Good interpersonal, motivational skills and flexible/motivated

●   Computer skills including accounting software, Microsoft Word and Excel

●   Strong written and verbal communications skills and good command of English

●   Good public relations skills, ability to work effectively with people and ability to travel extensively within the

operation area

●   Good working knowledge of English (verbal and written) and Somali

●   Excellent organisational, communication, written and oral skills

●   Dynamic and willing to take initiatives to complete assigned tasks and work under pressure

●   Ability to multi task and work independently whilst being strong team player

●   Must be flexible and willing to adapt to a fluid situation

How to Apply:

Bring your application (Cover letter, updated CV) with a least 3 references by hand to SOSTA Office at Borama

behind DUR-DUR Bakery near Rays Hotel
by January 3rd 2020

●   Or submit application by email at with subject line “Application for Agriculture and

NRM Project Officer”


SOURCE: Agriculture and NRM Officer -Borama

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