Agronomist Consultant


Position:                                 Agronomist Consultant
Project Name:                        Swedish – Somali Business Programme (SSBP)
Period of Performance:        May – September 2019 one mission
Place of Performance:          Hargeisa/Burao/Borama with traveling to Mogadishu                      
Level of Effort:                     21 days
FORUM Syd is a civil society member organisation that works with development issues from a rights-based perspective. Our vision is “a just and sustainable world where all people have the power to effect change”. We work with sub-granting and capacity building partner organisations around the world, on issues relating to democracy and human rights, gender equality, and environment and climate change. We also mediate grants from Sida (the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) to Swedish organisations cooperating with local partners in 70 countries. We have offices in Sweden, Belarus, Cambodia, Colombia, Kenya and Somalia.
FORUM Syd implements the Swedish-Somali Business Program (SSBP) with Business Swedish as its main partner. As a part of the Swedish Government’s Development Cooperation strategy for Somalia, the ultimate goal of the SSBP is employment creation and increase of income for those economically active in Somalia, contributing to livelihood improvement and human security across the country with a focus on young people 18 – 35 years, and with a particular focus on women in this age group
Areas ofresponsibilities;
We are looking for a knowledgeable, thorough Agronomist who can develop better farming practices and find effective solutions for the farming industry. The Agronomist will conduct field checks, identify andsolve problems related to plant or soil nutrition, damage from insects or wildlife, weather or climate changes, or the use of specialized products, such as pesticides, fertilizers, etc. Using this information, you will also help farmers develop techniques to increase crop quality and yield such as;

Agricultural extension services will include, but not be limited to the following:

Seed selection
Proper planting methods
Fertilizer application rates
Intercropping and rotation to improve soil fertility and reduce plant disease carryover
Water harvesting and distribution technologies as well as preservation methods
Harvesting and handling methods to reduce post-harvest losses

Seed Certification. This process ensures that only high quality seed are available for use by the farmers. The process of certification usually involves field inspection to verify proof of varietal origin, and to ensure that seed resulting from a crop meant to be sold as seed is of the designated variety (true to type) and has not been contaminated genetically or physically (varietal purity). The crop must be healthy and free from diseases.
Seed Testing. Laboratory testing is useful in determining quality factors such as purity, germination capacity, moisture content and health of seed lots.

Visiting fields to support the grantees with seed, plant, water and soil samples and testing samples for nutritional deficiencies, diseases, or other changes.

Provide proper agronomic and other production related advice to farmers, as well as basic business skills transfer.

Generating reports and presenting findings to management, clients, or other interested parties

Agribusiness Advisor Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree or higher in agriculture, agricultural economics, agribusiness management or a related relevant field.

At least 5 -7 years of relevant work experience.
Experience with implementation of donor or government programs in agriculture development.
Analytical capacity to design Excel spreadsheets and to perform analyses of demo plot factoring costs, yields, and estimated revenues.
Demonstrated proficiency in oral and written English and Somali is required.

Application Procedure
CV and cover letter are to be emailed Deadline for submission is: 25thApril 2019 by 4pm. Write “Agronomist” on the subject line of the email. Please ensure your name and contact information is clearly stated on the CV and cover letter

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