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 POSITION TITLE: Call for Business Development And Entrepreneurship Training Consultant
 DATE:  Feb 12th 2019

 Location: Puntland

RESPONSIBLE TO: Head of Office Puntland

 STATUS: Temporary



ARC International is an entrepreneurial humanitarian and development organization that assists displaced people to move from vulnerability to resilience, from impoverishment to a basic level of well-being, and from exclusion to inclusion.
The overall objective of ARC International’s Somalia program is to broaden opportunities for disadvantaged communities in (particularly women and youth) to pursue a secure and sustainable livelihood; create an environment that enables social and economic re-integration of Somali youth into society. ARC takes pride of providing to Somali vulnerable communities, life-saving and self-reliance assistance including primary and curative health care, water and sanitation, protection services, restoration of strategic health and water infrastructure, sustainable use of natural resources, shelter/housing for returning refugees as well as sustainable livelihood projects including, microcredit/income generation, women economic empowerment, technical and vocational training and formal education. ARC has also taken greater measures to engage the private sector and leverage on strategic value chains able to unlock economic growth and provide productive employment that can enhance community resilience.
ARC is implementing a project funded by SSF in the following areas in Puntland, namely Bargaal, Banderbeyla and Garacad and Kulub in Jariban District, with the aim of improving livelihood opportunities, enhance access to productive employment and actively reduce the incentive for criminal activities and radicalization. The project shall use a combination of private-sector stimulation/support activity alongside with direct delivery of services and materials, all to be provided in sustainable ways. All the activities being proposed will eventually contribute to increasing youth employment, youth incomes and a reduction in undesirable youth behavior such as crime, piracy, drug use, and illegal migration.
In line with the overall project goal, ARC is looking for a competent consultant and or a consultancy firm to undertake a business development and entrepreneurship trainings for youth in the project target districts.


As per project objective two to increase youth and women incomes through support to fish value addition activities, increased fish sales and strengthened business and entrepreneurship skills, the following are the key specific objectives of this training consultancy:
·         To strengthen youth skills in business management and entrepreneurship to increase sales, profitability and employment in the project target areas.
·         To develop comprehensive and innovative business development and entrepreneurship curriculum
·         To provide essential business startup and development courses to 80 trainees for various fishery IGA activities
·         To provide additional entrepreneurship training workshop to ensure innovation and sustainability of youth employed in business selected from the project target districts
·         To establish youth entrepreneurship platforms in the target districts and in Garowe to provide business development services and entrepreneur mentorship to youth in business
·         To train women in IGA activities on basic business management and accounting skills to increase profit and income
·         Establish an action plan for a follow-up additional entrepreneurship counselling and coaching as well as facilitation of linkages with related enterprises.
·         To give youth a plat form which they can integrate the market employment opportunity.
·         To provide the trainees additional business and entrepreneurial short courses that adds value to the ongoing training programmes and increase their competence and confidence to meet market demands.
·         Support the trainees to pursue self-employment and cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit.

PRIMARY DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES                                                                                                                

·         Develop curriculum and provide training materials for business development and entrepreneurship training with a focus in skills related to fishery/fishing business, sales, and value additions and so on.
·         Deliver a two – weeks training for 80 youth in the 3 districts and ensure all business documents, structures and systems are established
·         Establish youth entrepreneurship platforms in the target districts and in Garowe to provide business development services and entrepreneur mentorship to youth in business
·         Provide mentorship, couching and counselling to business startups and entrepreneurs
·         Conduct monitoring and evaluation for all trainings
·         Establish plans and a follow-up strategy for linkages with related enterprises such as financial institutions, micro – finance institutions and other related IGA components of the project


The consultant should have:
·         Extensive experience in business development and entrepreneurship training and services
·         In depth understanding and knowledge of innovative entrepreneurship skills
·         Proven experience in conducting similar trainings and services in Puntland, especially in rural communities
·         Proven experience in Business Development, startups incubation, on – the job training, business
·         Excellent Proficiency in participatory teaching methods and techniques and use of multi – media, audio – visuals and computer applications
·         Should have knowledge and understanding of the local context; preferably in the project target districts.

All applications should be submitted in English and should include the following:
The profile of the consultancy firm included updated CV(s) of the consultant, a cover letter including budget, technical proposal for the consultancy and a Reference and contacts of three organizations that have recently contracted you to carry out similar assignments. All to be sent to: not later than, February12, 2019.
NB: Please state on the Subject line of the e-mail: Business Development and Entrepreneurship Training

SOURCE: Call for Business Development And Entrepreneurship Training Consultant

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