Thursday, June 4, 2020

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President Farmaajo participates Global Vaccine Summit to raise funds Vaccine Alliance

President Farmaajo participates in the UK-hosted Global Vaccine Summit to raise funds Vaccine Alliance.
Mogadishu Street lights and CCTVs targetted

Mogadishu’s solar-powered street lights and surveillance systems targeted

MOGADISHU (SOMALI INFO) Unknown attackers targeted with blasts and hand grenades with solar-powered street lights and CCTV Cameras along Maka Al-Mukarama road in the...

The Struggle For Space : Somali-Kenyan politicians want to counter Ogaden dominance

Most high ranking Somali people in the government of Kenya are predominantly of the Ogaden clan. Aden Duale, Leader of the Majority Party in...

President Farmaajo signs Petroleum bill into law, Senate approves Elections Law

MOGADISHU (SI) - President Mohamed Farmaajo Saturday signed the amended Petroleum Law marking a major milestone for the country’s efforts to exploit oil resources...

Janan oo gaaray Kismaayo, Aw Xirsi oo iscasilay

Cabdirashiid Xasan Cabdi nuur Janan, Wasiirkii hore ee amniga ee maamulkii hore ee Jubaland ayaa gaaray Magaalada Kismaayo maanta isaga oo baxsad ah. Ciidamada booliiska...