Consultancy Service of Transcribing Voice Recorder for Focussed Group Discussion (FGDs) and Key Informant Interview (KIIs)


Consultancy Service of Transcribing Voice Recorder for Focussed Group Discussion (FGDs) and Key Informant Interview (KIIs)


Social protection has gained increased momentum in the development policy debate as a means to reduce child vulnerability and poverty caused by household stress, shock and chronic poverty. Different social protection measures depending on their design have shown to be greatly beneficial to children living in poverty with positive impacts on nutrition, health, education and reduction in child labour.  Consequently, social protection measures have the potential of breaking inter-generational transfers of poverty, particularly when they are combined with efforts that aim to foster a more protective and caring atmosphere for children by investing in them and supporting their well-being and development.
Based on the realisation that social protection can be a key thematic area to reduce child poverty, Save the Children Finland has developed project referred to as Child Sensitive Social Protection (CSSP) in a range of countries together with the local Save the Children offices. For Save the Children, CSSP encompasses child-focused or family-based social programmes that directly or indirectly address children’s needs and rights through a combination of economic support and complementary interventions.[1]
Save the Children understands that complementary interventions to social protection will ensure better results on child development outcomes, Save the Children Somaliland collaborated with the international child development programme (ICDP) in Norway and introduced positive parenting programme as an integral part of the CSSP initiatives. The parenting sessions are based on the ICDP (International Child Development Programme) concepts with adjustments to the local context. In Somaliland the CSSP project directly engages in implementing a cash transfer programme (being conceptualised as a “child grant”) with the Ministry of Emplyment and Social Affairs (MESAF ).The project provides child grant to 300 households in Hargeisa along with a strong component on improved postive parenting.

Purpose and scope of the assignment

Qualitative study was undertaken to enable in-depth understanding of the  good parenting sessions in the 3 target IDP in Hargeisa that is Mohamed Mooge, Sancaani and Sheikh Cumar.
Data was collected through focussed group discussion for children and caregivers,key informant interview for caregivers, &observation of households.
The investigation is now in the next face of compilling the data, interpretation of the information and analysis to produce the report. To do so the collected data needs to be transcribed by a professional person who will go over the data and perform proper translation. The consultant will be given the voice records to access the data & undertake the transcription, the disscussion is in Somali and has to be translated to English.
The hired consultant will translate & transcribe the FGDs and KIIs in a standardised way where all the content in the voice recorders will be captured and typed into a document. The consultant will perform a word to word transcription while taking note of the discussion, the average length of the voice records of FGDs and KIIs is approximately 2 hours.
The FGDs of Children is 6, the FGDs of caregivers is 2 while the KIIs is 6.


By the end of this short term consultancy service the consultant will hand over to Save the children a translated and transcribed version of all the 6KIIs and 8 FGDs.

  1. Nature of Assignment.

The selected translator will work to translate and transcribe the audio recorder he or she will need to work under deadline pressure preserving the meaning of the original language & ensuring the target language is lively,free of jargon and clear to a reader who may not be familiar on the subject.


Candidate must have atleast 3 years of successful experience in translating and transcribing voice recorders.
Successful candidate must have a university degree in languages, Social Sciences.

Candidate should be able to demonstrate strong ability to tanslate and transcribe under deadline pressure.

Proposed Timeline

This assignment will take 2 weeks starting from the day the consultant is hired.
Interested candiadtes should send the following documents to Save the children before 03:30 PM on 26nd August 2018.

Financial proposal (a simple word document explaining the exact price per each Audio)
Technical proposal detailing on how he/she will accomplish the assignment.
CVs for the applicant.
Profile of the consulting firm- this is applicable for firms only
Reports of similar assignment done in the past and any recommendation letter or client satisfaction certificate.

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