Data Collection and Fieldwork Management (Online)


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Training: Data Collection and Fieldwork Management (Online)
Training classes contains theory (50%) and practical (50%)
During practical session, Fieldwork data collection, Focus group discussions will be conducted by using questionnaire for quantitative, and FGD guider and recording devices for qualitative practical.
Training Outline

Data Collection Methods

Secondary Data Collection
Primary Data Collection
Qualitative Research- Focus group discussion, In-depth Interview, Observation.

Fieldwork Personnel

Responsibilities of Field Manager, Field Coordinator, Supervisor, Data collector/Interviewer
Interviewer/Data collector Profile
Recruitment and Selection of Interviewers

Fieldwork Process

During fieldwork
Post fieldwork

Sample Selection Implementation

Introduction Random selection
Selection of starting point
Selection of Household/Family house
Selection of respondent


The Role of Questionnaire
Description of Different Elements in Questionnaire

Successful Interviewing

Introduction to an Interview
Guidelines for Successful Interview
Questionnaire Briefing for Interviewers

Training and Quality Control

Training of Fieldwork Force
Different Training Sessions
Supervisor Control
Accompanying Interviewer

Participant will be issued a certificate upon successful completion of the training.
Training Fee:  
UN Organizations/ INGO:   $80     Local NGOs/Companies: $50           Individuals:  $40           Students: $35
This fee includes training materials, trainers’ fee, and Certificate.
Fee Payment: Deposit at DAHABSHIL account: (HRGD38163) or by Hand before or on deadline
Deadline: 07 July 2018
Duration: 7 days
Registration: Training application form is available in our office or request by email at
Contact and Address: Top floor Ina Afdiinle building, between Hargeisa Bridge and Dahabshil Bank, Hargeisa.    Tel: +252 634423788, +252 634190159Email:
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Our Clients:Relief International- South Central, World Vision– Puntland, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)– Somaliland, ADRA– Somaliland, International Medical Corps (IMC)– South Central, GUUL GROUP, IGAD Sheik Technical Veterinary School, and NEO Company. ShaqodoonOroganization
eik Technical Veterinary School, and NEO Company.

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