Director of Policy Planning and Delivery

  1. Job Title

Director of Policy Planning and Delivery

Deadline: 2018-07-19
Category: Stream A , Level 2
City: Mogadishu,Somalia
Position(s): 1
Experiance: 5
Job Type: Policy Planning and Delivery
Inistitution: Office of the Prime Minister
2. Summary
The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) works for the people of Somalia by supporting the Prime Minister and Cabinet to achieve the Federal Government of Somalia’s vision and ensuring a whole-of-government approach to enhancing the economic, environment and social wellbeing of Somalia. The OPM drives the Government’s objectives, coordinates policy and services across the whole of government and enables effective stewardship of the civil service. This is achieved through providing through leadership across the civil sector.
The OPM’s work is based on shared values that focus on high performance and achievement, ethics and people. These values highlight what OPM stands for and influence how we work. Those values are:
•    Professionalism and Excellence – We focus on outcomes, take responsibility for our work, provide consistent and accurate advice, and demonstrate drive, energy and initiative;
•    Integrity – We are ethical, impartial and honest;
•    Care – We support our people, recognize their value, and invest in their development. Together we are respectful, honest and enthusiastic;
•    Service – We are custodians of good public governance providing responsive service to the community and government;
•    Respect – We are collaborative and courteous in our dealings with internal and external colleagues and stakeholders.
Objectives of the Job Working in the department will give officers a broad overview in areas such as public policy formulation, public administration and state administrative matters and an opportunity to be involved in a range of state-wide policies, issues and projects.
The main purpose of the role is to manage the development of major whole of government policy and projects across Government ensuring appropriate timeframes and milestones are met. Lead the development of innovative policy solutions for complex multi-ministry and agency service delivery challenges and intractable policy issues as part of the Government’s priority policy agenda. Develop and maintain strategic relationships with key stakeholders and conducting high level negotiations to achieve OPM’s objectives.
3. Duties
Primary purpose of the role
•    Lead reforms that drive the FGS’s policy agenda and support the Government in implementing its strategy on matters that are a Government priority, have a whole-of-government impact or are of national or intergovernmental significance.
•     Manage key cross-ministry or agency initiatives within policy areas in the Policy Director’s area of responsibility to ensure a common understanding of strategic objectives and the outcomes to be delivered; facilitate and manage the involvement of the key stakeholders; promote collaborative approaches to development and implementation; and, meet appropriate timelines and milestones.
•    Provide high level leadership in developing and managing effective, strategic relationships with Ministers and agencies, to coordinate whole of government policy development and implementation within OPM policy areas, and ensure optimal contribution to and engagement in the Government’s priority policy program.
•     Evaluate, synthesize and critically analyze highly complex and politically sensitive issues and concerns affecting the delivery of civil services to drive evidence based decision making and the proactive development of sound and well balanced public policy solutions.
•     Lead the development of proposals for the implementation of innovative service delivery models in partnership with the relevant ministries, agencies, private sector and non-government organizations to solve complex, multi-faceted issues and problems.
•    As part of the OPM senior leadership team, foster collaborative, cooperative approaches to working with other senior executives across the OPM and provide leadership and guidance of staff ensuring that the OPM has the capabilities to deliver on its responsibilities and achieve desired outcomes now and into the future.
•    Contribute to the budget and strategic and business planning processes of the OPM to ensure implications for strategic initiatives, key legislative requirements, FGS targets and performance are represented and considered.
•    The Policy Director has responsibility to the Prime Minister, through the Permanent Secretary and Deputy Permanent Secretary for policy matters relating to the OPM’s portfolios. The role is expected to operate with a high level of autonomy and is fully accountable for the accuracy, validity and integrity of the content of policy advice provided and work performed:
•     The Policy Director is responsible for ensuring that the PM, DPM, Permanent Secretary and Deputy Permanent Secretary are:
•    Fully informed (in particular “no surprises”) regarding the development and delivery of the Government’s policy objectives in their area of responsibility;
•    Comprehensively briefed with advice which enables complex issues to be rapidly grasped and considered; and
•    Presented with a coordinated position which has been developed between Ministers, their agencies and other sovereign governments on major policy matters.
•    Consult with the PM, DPM, Ministers, Permanent Secretary and senior executives of government agencies to progress the development and implementation of government policy, legislation, programs and institutional arrangements to facilitate the implementation of the PM’s and the Government’s priorities, such as Vision 2016.
•     To coordinate the preparation of the government’s annual work program and legislative program, in collaboration with the Office of the President, and Ministries of Planning and Finance.
•    To review items submitted to Cabinet and its committees to ensure that all ministries affected have been consulted, that the policy is properly thought out, that delivery issues have been considered, and that the proposals are in line with the government’s objectives.
•    To ensure the effective management of the department, including supervision and assessment of staff members and allocation of functions between them, management of budget, staffing and resources, and ensuring that all rules relating to budget and resource management are observed.
Deliverables •    Annual Policy Delivery plans and budgets
•    Quarterly and annual progress reports of the Section
4. Key Qualifications
Education Mandatory qualifications: Bachelor qualification from a recognized university in political science, public administration, international affairs or related discipline. Education •    Minimum of 5 years of professional experience in a role involving policy analysis and advice within government is essential.
5. Requirements
Change management
Leadership and development
Problem-solving techniques
Blend of analytical, observational, organisational and networking skills
Strategic planning and benchmarking
Project management
Performance measurement
Team building and management
Monitoring and evaluation
ICT skills
Report writing
Excellent oral and written English and Somali languages
Competency Requirements •    Gives objective advice based on sound analysis
•    Focuses on outcomes
•    Gives purpose and direction
•    Thinks strategically
•    Involves people in decision-making
•    Communicates effectively
•    Demonstrates commitment to organisation/ corporate decisions
•    Displays an intelligent awareness of the political environment

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