Director of Policy Planning and Research

  1. Job Title
    Director of Policy Planning and Research

Deadline: 2018-06-22
Category: Stream A , Level 2
City: Mogadishu,Somalia
Position(s): 1
Experiance: 5
Job Type: Policy Planning and Research
Inistitution: National Civil Service Commission

  1. Summary
    The aim of this position is to maintain and enhance the organization’s strategic planning and policy analysis capabilities. The position further aims at improving quality management information and reliable data for policy development and evidence-based organizational decision-making. Objectives of the Job •    To assess the organization’s HR Policy & Planning  management practices and ensure support the overall business plan and strategic direction of the commission
    •    To design, implement, and revise HR Policy & Planning programs and practices to better support the NCSC

  2. Duties
    The duties and responsibilities Director of Policy, Planning and Research will be:
    •    Develops the overall organization’s growth and transformation strategy including its long-term strategic direction to guide systematic, consistent and sustainable development of organization and all its department directorates and submits to the Director General for review
    •    Coordinates technical inputs from all departments/directorates and works closely with them to develop organization’s cost strategic plan and implementation guidelines, and ensures copies are made available to all departments/directorates
    •    Supervises research on various subjects in subject areas relevant to the policy planning and delivery of organization’s mandate
    •    Develops and ensures implementation of procedures and guidelines to safeguard the quality of research data during production, collation and processing, storage and retrieval, protecting certified statistics of the organization from being tampered with
    •    Ensures timely compilation and distribution of research data relevant Directorates/Departments, and to the management team of the organization
    •    Oversees research into organization’s business process improvement and facilitation of more efficient policy and research techniques
    •    Conducts relevant NCSC growth simulations and strategy modelling to determine sector Ministry’s growth strategy for the short, medium and long-term
    •    Develops and implements strategies and operational plans, policies and procedures for the Directorate of Planning, Research and Strategy
    Management of Service Performance and External Functions
    •    Ensures appropriate policy performance parameters and programme delivery and performance monitoring plans including corporate indicators, monitoring procedures and assessment guidelines are developed and implemented
    •    Monitors Government development policy plans, statements and pronouncements, and facilitates the organization of internal policy meetings to discuss implications
    •    Acts as liaison between the organization, the National Civil Service Commission and other MDAs
    •    Assists the Director General  to set policy planning performance standards
    •    Prepares regular reports on MDAs  policy implementation performance, highlighting operational challenges and issues impacting performance for review by the Directors team
    •    Provides advice on policy priorities and targets to Directorates/Departments of the MDAs
    Trains and coaches staff of Directorate of Policy Planning and Research and builds a strong policy analysis and M&E professional cadre
    •    Oversees the development and implementation of an M&E system to track implementation and performance of the various MDAs ( Directorates/Departments)  against corporate objectives, and prepares policy performance reports
    •    Participates in national and international conferences as may be approved by the Director General
    Management of Activities of the Directorate
    •    Serves as the technical Director of the Directorate of Policy Planning and Research, and contributes significantly to the achievement of MDAs overall mandate
    •    Ensures effective coordination of all operations and projects implemented under the Directorate NCSC
    •    Implements details of work plans of the directorate  and ensures that all units and staff respect established implementation timelines
    •    Prepares and submits inputs on Human Resource and training requirements of the Directorate  of HR and the Director General
    •    Ensures delegation of sufficient authority to supervisory staff of the directorate
    •    Reviews technical reports from unit supervisors
    •    Provides technical support and professional guidance to staff of the directorate and other departments  on issues relating to policy planning, research and strategy
    Deliverables •    Organization’s long and short-term strategy, policies, plans and programmes
    •    Policy papers relevant to organization’s mandate
    •    Policy Research and data management standards
    •    M&E system
    •    Operational budget of HR unit
    •    Quarterly and Annual HR Policy, Planning, Research & M&E reports

  3. Key Qualifications
    Education •    At least Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Statistics, Development/corporate Planning or relevant field
    •    A Master’s degree in organizational development, industrial/organizational psychology, human resources, learning and development, or a related discipline preferred
    Experience At least five (5) years post-qualification experience 2 of which must have been in a management position of a Public of Private sector organization. Knowledge of strategic planning and monitoring and evaluation is a necessary requirement

  4. Requirements
    •    Analytical, observational, organizational and networking skills
    •    Fiscal and monetary policy of Government
    •    Good knowledge of EAC and other international trade and development regulations and protocols
    •    Strategic planning
    •    Policy/Strategy development
    •    Policy analysis
    •    Monitoring and evaluation
    •    Benchmarking
    •    Research methods
    •    Team building
    •    Change management
    •    People management
    •    Report writing and presentation skills
    •    IT skills
    •    Ability to communicate effectively
    •    Ability to see and manage risks and consequences
    •    Functions effectively in a team of professionals


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