Educational Quality Assurance Consultant



Title: Educational Quality Assurance Consultant

Reports to: Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development

Location:  Mogadishu

Date of Issue:  03October, 2018

Deadline for Application: 19 October, 2018

Duration: One year with possible extension

Role Overview
The Educational Quality Assurance Consultant will oversee thecentre of excellence in teaching, learning and educational quality at SNU (Somali National University working closely with ministry of Women and Human Rights and the Ministry of Education. The consultant will serve as a key strategic partner and in-house support in the development of all academic programs at SNU. S/he will support the review and approval of curricula for SNU’s academic programs, and will monitor, evaluate and support teachers at SNU. The Consultant will work closely with the Ministry of Women and Human rights in partnership with Somali national University. The Consultant will engage with all aspects of curriculum and syllabus development, educational strategy, teaching and learning, student assessment, and educational innovations. In addition, the Consultant will monitor and evaluate the Quality of Education.
Strategic Planning

Work with the Dean and others to oversee and assist with the development of academic programs at SNU.
Serve as the key point-person for all pedagogy at SNU, ensuring cutting-edge, innovative and evidence-based approaches are used in the development and implementation of courses.
The consultant must meet the objectives of the Ministry for enrolling the set targets of young female secondary graduates into SNU.
Incubate proposals and innovative ideas for funding SNU and Ministry of Women and Human rights activities and programs.
Serve as the Consultant that bridges the Ministry of Women and Human rights to Somali National University and Ministry of Education.
Create centre of excellence in pedagogical quality assurance.
Design, implement, and increase higher education enrolment for young people in Somalia.


Consult, train, and mentor SNU team members.
Control and monitor the quality of education.
Develop semi-annual plans, reports, and budgets to sustain SNU and Ministry of Women and Human Rights activities.
Work in collaborative teams, including faculty and staff members, to improve educational outcomes at SNU.
Develop standards, guidelines, and policies related to teaching, learning, and student assessment at SNU.

Curriculum Design

Assist faculty and leadership with the development of innovative and standards-aligned curricula and academic programs.
Lead the development and delivery of quality of education in SNU.
Create short-courses on teaching and learning for faculty at SNU and other institutions.
The Consultant will oversee the design and translation of the English social work certificate into Somali for the development of Somali language social work certificate.
The consultant will unveil and rollout the social work certificate in a modular capacity in Somali language to community based social workers.

Quality Assurance

Consult and support program evaluation and curriculum review for all academic programs at SNU.
Oversee all academic quality assurance activities at SNU, including the design of faculty reviews and assessments to be included in evaluations for reappointment and promotions.
Play a leading role in quality assurance for internal and external accreditation of SNU in general and each of its specific academic programs.
The quality of Education must meet the guidelines of the board of SNU, Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Women and Human rights.


Bachelor’s degree (minimum) in an education-related field, ideally in Computer sciences or education.
A minimum of 3 years of experience in higher education leadership roles focused on teaching and learning initiatives with a strong foundation in pedagogy, instructional design, academic technology and quality assurance.
Experience building and executing blended learning academic experiences for higher education and executive education audiences.
Experience teaching, developing curricula for, and implementing programs for students and adult learners.
Record of success in instructor development and pedagogical improvement.
Knowledge of best practices in teaching and learning and emerging technologies.
Exemplary interpersonal skills; ability to effectively collaborate with culturally diverse staff across departments and countries.
Experience working in Somalia or in other unstable countries.
Proficiency in Somali and English.
Interest in social justice for all strongly desirable.

To Apply
Applicants should provide: (1) a curriculum vitae, (2) a cover letter, (3) names and contact information of two professional references (at least one from a supervisor) who can attest to leadership, educational quality assurance and/or innovation, and management experience, and (4) a copy of higher education diplomas.
All applications must be sent to the Director General of the Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development,

SOURCE: Educational Quality Assurance Consultant

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