Head of Accounting Section, EAFS


Job Title:                                Head of Accounting Section, EAFS
 Ministry/Agency:                                                                           Ministry of Finance
 Department:                                                                                     EAFS
EAFS Grade Level:                                                                          6
Reporting to:                                                                                     Head of EAFS
 Salary:                                                                                                 $502
 Hours:                                                                                                 48 hours per week
Location:                                                                                             Baidoa, Somalia
1 .Purpose of the Position
The position is a mid-level operational position heading the accounting section of the newly established External Assistance Fiduciary Section (EAFS) within the Ministry of Finance. The EAFS unit is charged with the management of and reporting on donor provided funds issued through the 3.5-year Recurrent Cost and Reform Financing II (RCRF) project, financed by a Multi-donor Fund and managed by the World Bank, for which ISWA has access thereto. The primary purpose of the position is to ensure transparency and integrity in the use of RCRF II external assistance funds and manage the establishment of strong financial management procedures of all external assistance funds

2. Responsibilities and Duties

2.1 Budgeting and Financial Management

Manages the preparation of periodic cash flow forecast and oversees that the strong budgetary controls inherent with in the ISWA FMIS are maintained;
Manages the maintenance of proper books of accounts in accordance with the requirements of the EAFS POM and ISWA legislative and regulatory requirements;
Supervises the payments process for services performed under RCRF II funded components and ensures that only eligible payments are processed and effected;
Oversees and performs the preparation of financial information required by all the relevant stakeholders;
Ensures that bank reconciliations remade for the RCRF II funded project bank account and are prepared within the Bisan FMIS, reviewed and any errors detected are promptly corrected.;
Ensures that all payments, disbursements and other financial transactions are fully documented, supported and coded in accordance with Chart of Accounts, duly approved and authorized by responsible offices. In carrying out these requirements, the Head of Accounting Section approves all RCRF II-related expenditures, both manually on the required Commitment Payment Orders (CPO) and electronically using the Approval1 function within the Bisan FMIS and
Informs the Head of EAFS of any irregularities detected in the payments process and takes corrective action where necessary.
Reviews and ensures the travel advances and allowances register and retirement log is maintained accurately and is up to date.

      2.2 Reporting

Manages the preparation of all RCRF II project-mandated financial statements (quarterly and yearly) in accordance with the reporting requirements as outlined in the Project Operations Manual (POM)
Manages the preparation of all Statement of Expenditures (SOE), plus related supporting documentation, that are to be submitted on a minimum monthly, or more frequent basis as required, by the RCRF II Project Coordinator for purposes of replenishment of the Project bank account.

         2.3 General Management and Liaison with Other Departments

Manages the Accounting Staff of the EAFS to ensure delivery of services;
Undertake any other responsibility required to ensure financial management systems support achievement of the development objectives of EAFS; and
Works with the FMIS system administrator when encountering any FMIS problems or requiring new charts of accounts to be created.
Works with the relevant department for establishing new vendors within the Bisan FMIS in order to pay new RCRF II related vendors.

         2.4 Policies, Procedures and Controls

Manages and maintains a complete and accurate accounting and recording system of the financial affairs of all RCRF II related transactions in the Bisan FMIS in accordance with prescribed legislation and regulations;
Utilizes the Bisan FMIS in accordance with the relevant accounting standards and legislative framework in order to carry out all accounting and payment activities;
Develops and monitors the implementation of the relevant financial procedures and controls;
Develop internal systems to link with financial management and administration;
Ensures record systems are maintained in accordance with generally accepted and auditing standards;

3 .Qualifications and Training
Minimum education and qualifications that are required to perform the job competently:

Degree in accounting or financial management
An Accounting Technician working towards a Professional Accountant defined as member of professional accountancy organization recognized by IFAC, e.g. CPA, ACCA, CIMA


3 years of experience, 1 of which should be in management
Experience working with donor agencies


Financial accounting and reporting skills
Decision making and problem solving skills
Strong analytical skills
Team leader with ability to motivate others
Staff management, development and discipline skills
Excellent communication skills – written as well as verbal
Well-developed management and organization skills
Problem identification/solving skills
Honesty, integrity and ethics
Computer literacy

How to Apply

Please click this link and download the form: 
Application Form 
after filling this form, confidential application can be addressed to recruitment.csc@iswa.so not later than 3rd May 2019 and please attach only the form you filled.
Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted for interview.
Write the title of the position on the subject of your Email.

             Female candidates are strongly encouraged.

SOURCE: Head of Accounting Section, EAFS

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