Head of Promotion Section

  1. Job Title
    Head of Promotion Section
    Deadline: 2018-07-30
    Category: Stream A , Level 3
    City: Mogadishu,Somalia
    Position(s): 1
    Experiance: 4
    Job Type: Performance Management Appraisal
    Inistitution: National Civil Service Commission
  2. Summary
    The Head of Promotions Section is the functional Head of the Section. He/ She is responsible for the overall technical, administrative and financial management of the Section. The incumbent is a career senior civil servant appointed through a competitive process and is responsible for providing leadership and vision for achieving goals of the Commission. He/ She shall be responsible for providing technical and professional support to the Director.  Objectives of the Job This position is responsible for:
    •    Safeguarding the impartiality and integrity for promotions in the commission and ensuring that these are based on merit
  3. Duties
    The duties and responsibilities of the Deputy Director Promotions will be:
    •    Responsibility for dealing with all matters relating to promotions made within the commission
    •    Scrutinizing and processing submissions from Ministries in conjunction with the provisions of the NCSC Regulations and Circulars
    •    Determining the qualifications and suitability of applicants for promotion in the commission
    •    Recommending to NCSC, staff promotions and approval of acting appointments
    •    Establishing specific criteria for promotion
    •    Ensuring that issues regarding staff promotion are properly coordinated
    •    Ensuring that issues regarding staff promotion are based on merit
    Deliverables The Head of Promotions Section will be responsible for the production of the following deliverables:
    •    An up-to-date roster of all NCSC employees
    •    Quarterly and annual work plans
    •    List of certified persons qualified for promotion per period of time
    •    Budget estimates for the NCSC program
    •    Uniform classification and pay plans for the commission
    •    Documentation of criteria for promotion
  4. Key Qualifications
    Education •    First degree in human resource management, or equivalentfrom a recognized university
    •    A Master’s degree in human resource management or its equivalent from  a recognized university will be an added advantage
    Experience 4 years’ experience, 2of which must have been at the senior management level in the public service
  5. Requirements
    •    Governance
    •    Change management
    •    Leadership and development
    •    Problem-solving techniques
    •    Blend of analytical, observational, organisational and networking skills
    •    Strategic planning and benchmarking
    •    Project management
    •    Performance measurement
    •    Team building and management
    •    Monitoring and evaluation
    •    ICT skills
    •    Report writing
    •    Excellent oral and written English and Somali languages
    Competency Requirements •    Gives objective advice based on sound analysis
    •    Focuses on outcomes
    •    Gives purpose and direction
    •    Thinks strategically
    •    Involves people in decision-making
    •    Communicates effectively
    •    Demonstrates commitment to organisation/ corporate decisions
    •    Displays an intelligent awareness of the political environment
    •    Prepares plans with clear short and long term objectives
    •    Functions effectively in a team of professionals
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