Infrastructure Project Manager


Job Description

Job Title:                                         Infrastructure Project Manager
Location:                                         Cadale                                                                                         
Job Holder Reports To:             Senior Project Manager in Mogadishu
Direct Reports:                             Local partners, contractors, water management committees
Overall Purpose: Working as an important member of a diverse team who are committed to serve the world’s most vulnerable with practical and compassionate care. The infrastructure Project Manager plays an important role in overseeing implementation of the Cadale Water system infrastructure project. On a day-to-day basis, the infrastructure Project Manager is to plan, develop, monitor and evaluate the assigned construction project, effectively managing and reporting on the project in line with the objectives, timeframe and budget.  Other key tasks include meeting quality standards in construction and WASH infrastructure delivery, encourage beneficiary participation, and liaising with other stakeholders.
Project Overview:  
Health, Nutrition and WASH programme in several regions, including Cadale, specialising in linking up health facility based services with community networks and integrated multisectoral outreach when malnutrition rates are high.
Community health projects including Care Group Model and integrated Community Case Management (ICCM)
Construction of a health facility, including WASH infrastructure.
Emergency responses programmes
Major Duties and Responsibilities
Infrastructure Project Management

Be responsible for the implementation, management, supervision and support of the assigned infrastructure project(s) in line with the activity plan and time frame of the relevant project proposal(s) and any applicable national and international guidelines and standards
Producing a clear plan with understanding and timing of each project stage/phase to ensure the project is completed within scope and time.
Manage the quality construction of assigned infrastructures, ensuring good maintenance and sustainable processes are put in place especially helping to actively involve the local communities and helping establish / setup water committees
Ensure good collaboration with the WASH Project Manager, combining WASH and infrastructure input, so that it all makes sense for the contractor and the teams.
Provide input into the integration of beneficiary participation and accountability (BA) in all aspects of the project. Help integrate beneficiary participation into the existing project(s) framework: committees, random selection of casual labourer for interview and help develop new ways in integrating BA into infrastructure project(s)
Ensure accurate and timely reporting of activities for internal and external reports (e.g. monthly, quarterly and final reports) as requested by field managers, HQ and donors
Ensure that regular monitoring and evaluation assessments are conducted both against project objectives and to ensure the quality of the project, with reports being made to the relevant field managers. This will be done through daily site supervision
Provide strong leadership of the assigned project, working to ensure both short and long-term positive impacts and outcomes for the beneficiaries, local authorities (where applicable) and local partner staff.
Set clear objectives and indicators for construction activities in collaboration with the contractor, the local partner staff and with the local communities.
Financial planning and monitoring of the construction project to avoid going over budget
Be the primary lead for construction, operation and quality assurance for the entire project
Continuously monitor and supervise construction activities, overseeing the technical design and execution and evaluating progress through outputs and impacts using both quantitative and qualitative data.
Provide input into the integration of beneficiary participation and accountability in all aspects of the project.
Ensure accurate and timely reporting of activities according to Medair, donor and other applicable timeframes and formats.


Manage the correct and timely ordering (within budgetary constraints) of all necessary Infrastructure and WASH supplies and equipment for the assigned activities, ensuring minimum stocks are maintained and items are stored and distributed correctly and timely
Liaise, as necessary, with the logistics and finance staff to ensure items are procured, transported, stored, managed and accounted for correctly.

Financial Management

Manage the construction budget for the assigned project and ensure all expenses are according to budget and meet the Medair standards with regard to financial management, including accountability and good governance.
Coordinate and oversee petty cash requirements of the assigned team(s), ensuring all required paperwork is completed accurately and in a timely manner

Staff Management

Together with other senior staff, the Infrastructure Project Manager will recruit suitable contractors who can complete the work.
Facilitate regular meetings to assist information sharing between project staff, to ensure all staff members are aware of project objectives and current work plans and to provide the opportunity for feedback.
Provide coaching and technical supervision to staff in order to develop ownership and full responsibility for project activities.
Promote the health and security of the team(s) by developing security and safety guidelines in the workplace and ensuring healthy living conditions and practices are being followed.
On occasions work with casual labour or other Medair staff (including hiring, co-ordinating workload and payment) to achieve specific, time-bound tasks

Communication and Coordination

Develop and maintain appropriate, regular, transparent and supportive communication structures with all relevant stakeholders including DCD, Senior Project Manager, HQ infrastructure and WASH advisors, contractors, local partners, beneficiaries, Directorate of health office, community leaders, local and national government officials, UN agencies and other NGOs, with the objective of ensuring good cooperation and partnerships.
Representation of Medair at meetings and through relationships with external partners (e.g. community leaders, local and national government officials, UN agencies and other NGOs)

Quality Management

Promote and use the Medair e-library and other operating procedures, ensuring that all standardised formats are used and guidelines are followed.
Ensure construction projects are implemented in line with donor proposals and requirements and in accordance with Medair, donor, country and international standards i.e. Sphere and HAP standards.
Coordinating and collaborating with the architects, engineers and building team to ensure the structural specifications are met to standard.

Delegated Responsibilities

Implementation of the assigned infrastructure project(s) within budget and the agreed timeframe
Management of the technical aspects of the assigned infrastructure project(s), including staff knowledge and performance
Authorisation of expenditure on applicable budget lines as agreed.
Replace the WASH Project Manager, also active in the same project in Cadale, when he is on leave.
Representation of Medair at meetings and through relationships with external partners (e.g. community leaders, local and national government officials, UN agencies and other NGOs)

Person Specification

Qualification / Experience



Vocational qualification

Qualification in a technical field, preferably in civil engineering or in another relevant field such as architecture / engineering / on-site construction project management

BSc / BEng in a relevant field desirable

Work experience

2 years post-qualification professional experience in a relevant field
Management experience in a construction context and in WASH context

Experience working in a construction / shelter programme in a developing country, preferably in a humanitarian context desirable


Somali speaking
Fluent English (spoken and written)
Good interpersonal, presentation  and report-writing skills


Computer literate with good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook

Experience with MS Project





Passionate about serving the poor
Desire to learn


Team-player with good inter-personal skills
Willingness to support others and to share workload
Aptitude for community mobilisation and capacity-building
Experience in training / mentoring / coaching staff

Experience of working in a multi-cultural team


Capacity to work under pressure and manage personal stress levels
Creative, open-minded, flexible, self-learner
Able to cope with basic living conditions in the field and during field trips

Willingness to be stretched professionally and personally

Technical expertise

Ability and willingness to manage project implementation
Good numerical, report writing and administration skills
Problem solving ability
Technical construction skills within a humanitarian setting
Knowledge and understanding of humanitarian standards such as Sphere/HAP

Advanced planning, assessment and analytical skills desirable

Management and leadership

Able to prioritise clearly and oversee multiple tasks
Able to take the initiative in project decisions
Able to enforce procedures
Able to set clear objectives for staff and to delegate
Committed to consultative and servant-minded leadership

Good understanding of humanitarian work

Areas of expertise


Work conditions
Currently Medair runs its Somalia activities from a base in Mogadishu, the job holder will operate from Cadale working from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm, Sunday till Thursday.
Security is of utmost importance and routine team briefings give information and advice both nationals and internationals to the evolving security status.


Job Commitment

Planned start date

1st of October, 2018

Duration of commitment

6 months

To apply send cover letter and CV to  Before 6th September 2018

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