Israeli Scientists Invent Reusable Face mask Which Disinfects Itself By ‘Charging’


Israeli scientists are developing a reusable face mask that can kill the coronavirus with heat by drawing power from a phone charger.

Disinfecting the mask using the phone charger takes about half an hour. Professor Yair Ein-Eli of the research team at the Technion University in Haifa said this to news agency Reuters. Users should not wear the mouth mask when it is plugged in.

The face mask has a USB port that can be connected to a power source, like a normal phone charger. It heats an inner layer of carbon fibers to about 70 degrees Celsius, which scientists say is sufficient to kill viruses.

“Disposable masks not a solution”

Ein-Eli says disposable masks are not economical or environmentally friendly. “You have to make it reusable and easy.”

The prototype looks like a standard N95 face mask, with a flap at the front and rubber bands to keep it in place around the head.


The researchers filed for a patent for the mask in the United States in late March. They are in discussion with companies about the marketing of the mask.

They are likely to become $1 more expensive than regular disposable face masks,
according to the researchers.

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