Judiciary Technical Advisor


Judiciary Technical Advisor
Under the direct supervision of the Secretary General (or any other person the Chief Justice delegates) and overall guidance of the Chief Justice, the Judiciary Technical Advisor will be responsible and accountable for leading the efforts to establish the Judicial Training Institute in Somalia and ensure that it has a sustainable and institutionalized framework for delivering Legal Education and Professional Development for judicial personnel in Somalia. Specifically, the Judiciary Technical Advisor will deliver the following results:

Lead the Establishment and Operationalization of Judicial Training Institute (JTI) in Somalia by:

Facilitating the arrangements for a study tour for senior judicial officials to visit Kenya judicial training institute & learn lessons to inform decision making.
Organizing technical level meeting for the relevant justice sector stakeholders on the strategy and charter for the Establishment of JTI.
Organizing senior level meeting to adopt and approve the charter of the judicial training institute.

Lead the efforts to establish a sustainable institutionalized framework for skills development and training of judges in Somalia, enabling judges to fulfill their roles in compliance with legal developments in Somalia, international human rights standards and other key criteria.
Lead the efforts to establish the JTI’s physical infrastructure and human capital.
By working with all relevant stakeholders, ensure that the JTI develops and implements Legal Education and Professional Development Curriculum and Training in Somalia.
With the guidance of the senior leadership of the judiciary ensure that the JTI develops a Cross- Pollination Approach to Delivering Legal Education in partnership with regional and national institutions.
Working with all relevant partners, ensure that the JTI provides access to Legal Resources to the Judiciary and Public
Advise the FMS judiciary institutions on key issues of courts development and undertakes basic technical and legal trainings for the judges and non-judiciary personnel in FMS.
Draft and develop terms of reference for judiciary trainings and develop a pool of trainers.
Work with International & National experts undertake a training needs assessment & present the findings through a comprehensive report.
Develop training master plan and systems for keeping training records for the entire justice sector including federal member states.
Review, and develop existing judiciary trainings manuals and make all necessary corrections/ additions in consultation with all relevant stakeholders.


Advise the Chief Justice on overall strategic development goals of the judiciary and implementation of key strategic plans, policies, procedures and manuals.
Provide overall technical direction and oversight of programmatic activities to support judicial independence and integrity in Somalia;
Develop the judiciary’s note and point of view on justice & correction model, judiciary service commission and judiciary training institute upon finalization of the ongoing consultations.
Advise the adoption of Litigants Charter in South-Central Somalia and establishment of information desks at the courts, and trainings for staff.
Review and develop judiciary inspection scheme and Lead the preparation and undertaking of monthly inspection missions and produce comprehensive reports.
Liaise with the leadership of the Judiciary to take corrections and follow up regarding the issues identified by the inspections.
Develop a work-plan for the implementation of the MOU between IDLO and the Supreme Court in close coordination with all relevant people in the Supreme Court and UN joint Rule of Law Project.
Support the Supreme Court in preparation, review and finalization of project proposals, and concept notes as required and advised by the Chief Justice.
Track and analyze progress towards agreed outputs and activities as per the MOU including regular monitoring of the deliverables.
Highlight risks and challenges that may hinder/delay implementation, and provide recommendations to address those risks and challenges.
Serve as the focal point for the Supreme Court’s collaboration with IDLO and specifically for the letters of agreement and other support.


Demonstrates integrity, impartiality, fairness, honesty and truthfulness in daily activities and behaviors.
Demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills.
Leads teams effectively and shows mentoring as well as conflict resolutions skills.
Demonstrates ability to share knowledge, mentor and coach people so as to transfer skills.
Builds strong relationships with clients, focuses on impact and result for the client and responds positively to feedback.

Required Qualification

Advanced university degree in law or equivalent from a recognized university.
At least 15 years of work/professional experience in the field of law or judiciary, or government institution capacity building.
Experience in designing and delivering Legal Education and Professional Development.
Strong experience in Somalia justice sector.
Fluency in English and Somali is required.

Application Procedure
Interested candidates should send their CV, Cover letter, and academic and professional certificate to Vacancy@supremecourt.gov.so  and copy to: Info@supremecourt.gov.so NOT later than 15 April, 2019. 

SOURCE: Judiciary Technical Advisor

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