Kenya wants to annex Beled-hawo as ICJ is set to decide Somalia – Kenya maritime dispute within weeks

Sea dispute pits Kenya and Somalia against each other. Somalia wants countries’ maritime border redrawn to re-acquire 100,000 km² of oil-rich off-shore area now under Kenya control. International Court of Justice to decide within weeks. meanwhile, “in retaliation, Kenya is building a border wall inside Somalia which could see a half of Beled-hawo district annexed”, as residents in Gedo region say.
Now, the sea maritime dispute extends to the land. Somalia has already lost northern frontier district (NFD), 127,358 km² with a population of 4 million ethnic Somalis to Kenya.

Jubbaland security minister, Abdirashid Hassan Janan has condemned the move Kenya wants to erect border wall within Beled-hawo. The minister vowed that they will defend the country from any external aggression.

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