Legal Advisor

  1. Job Title
    Legal Advisor
    Deadline: 2018-07-30
    Category: Stream B, Level 1
    City: Mogadishu,Somalia
    Position(s): 1
    Experiance: 7
    Job Type: Advisor
    Inistitution: Office of the Prime Minister
  2. Summary
    The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) works for the people of Somalia by supporting the Prime Minister and Cabinet to achieve the Federal Government of Somalia’s vision and ensuring a whole-of-government approach to enhancing the economic, Social, cultural and environmental wellbeing of Somalia. The OPM drives the Government’s objectives, coordinates policies and services across the whole of government and enables effective stewardship of the civil service. This is achieved through providing leadership across government institutions.
    The OPM’s work is based on shared values that focus on high performance and achievement, ethics and sound people management.  These values highlight what OPM stands for and influence how we work.  Those values are:
    •    Professionalism and Excellence – We focus on outcomes, take responsibility for our work, provide consistent and accurate advice, and demonstrate drive, energy and initiative;
    •    Integrity – We are ethical, impartial and honest;
    •    Care – We support our people, recognize their value, and invest in their development.  Together we are respectful, honest and enthusiastic;
    •    Service – We are custodians of good public governance providing responsive service to the community and government;
    •    Respect – We are collaborative and courteous in our dealings with internal and external colleagues and stakeholders
    Working in the OPM will gives the Legal Advisor a broad range of information on policies, programs and portfolios to which legal knowledge may be required to shape for further processing, delivery and reporting.
    Objectives of the Job The Legal Advisor is expected to support the Prime Minister on a broad range of legal issues including analytical, investigative and drafting responsibilities, He/she is responsible for establishing a strong legal unit in the OPM and building a legal team of civil servants to manage the day-to-day legal affairs of the OPM.
  3. Duties
    Primary purpose of the role
    •    Provide legal guidance to the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in the performance of their duties and in relations to all aspects of the business of the Office of the Prime Minister
    •    Conduct detailed analysis of legal risks and provide legality assurance to the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister
    •    Establish a high performing legal unit in the OPM, develop legal standards and practices manual and train, coach and mentor  civil service/legal services staff of the unit to achieve professional best practice
    •    Provide advice on papers submitted to the Cabinet and its Committees to ensure that it conforms with existing laws and international legal requirements
    •    Provide support on discrete legal issues and advise Cabinet Ministries on drafting and structuring of undertakings and remedies emerging there from
    •    Foster legislative reform including training and preparation for accession to various international Conventions and facilitating/supporting the drafting and adoption of domestic legislation
    •    Establish, promote and maintain public service and professional networks including relationships with law firms, local businesses, international investors, academic institutions, dispute resolution centers and the Courts
    •    Write and interpret laws and regulations bordering on the roles and functions of the OPM and set up procedures to enforce them
    •    Write, publish and promote legal literature on Somalia: its’ arbitral praxis, public international law, investment law and issues pertaining other legal developments and reports for circulation
    Deliverables •    Functioning Legal Unit in the OPM
    •    Legal Advice on policies and program including flagship programs
    •    Legal advice on international agreements and conventions
    •    Guidelines on legal procedures
    •    Various reports on legal training of staff, laws and regulations drafted
    •    Quarterly and annual performance reports
    •    Work plan and budget of legal unit
  4. Key Qualifications
    Education  Mandatory qualifications:
    •    Master’s degree in Law
    Experience •    Minimum of 7 years post qualification experience.
  5. Requirements
    •    Governance
    •    Change management
    •    Leadership and development
    •    Problem-solving techniques
    •    Blend of analytical, observational, organisational and networking skills
    •    Strategic planning and benchmarking
    •    Project management
    •    Performance measurement
    •    Team building and management
    •    Monitoring and evaluation
    •    ICT skills
    •    Report writing
    •    Excellent oral and written English and Somali languages
    Competency Requirements •    Gives objective advice based on sound analysis
    •    Focuses on outcomes
    •    Gives purpose and direction
    •    Thinks strategically
    •    Involves people in decision-making
    •    Communicates effectively
    •    Demonstrates commitment to organisation/ corporate decisions
    •    Displays an intelligent awareness of the political environment
    •    Prepares plans with clear short and long term objectives
    •    Functions effectively in a team of professionals


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