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Job Title
Manager, Risk & Compliance

Reports to:
Chief Operating Officer

JobPurpose:-To ensure the Bank’s risk and compliance framework is established and maintained.

Key responsibilities
·        Contribute to the formulation and development of the Bank’s strategic plan with specific attention to Risk and Compliance.
·        Establish and maintain the Bank’s Enterprise Risk Management framework (ERM) which includes REM policies, Procedures, and standards.
·        Establish the Bank’s Stress-testing framework that covers the major risks–Credit,Operational and Liquidity risks. Ensure that quarterly stress testing reports are submittedtotheEXCO and CEO.
·        Developdepartmentalplansandbudgets;
·        TheHeadofRiskwillbeamemberofthefollowingstrategiccommittees;EXCO,Headsof Departments,ALCO,andICTsteeringcommittee.
·        Make sure that the necessary policies, procedures, controls, personnel, knowledge and appropriate systems are in place with regards to the complying with the applicable local laws, regulations and the International standards and best practices in the industry.
·        Managing the bank’s day-to-day risk and compliance-related matters.
·        Develop,maintainandupdatetheBank’sBusinessContinuityPlans(BCP) and ensureannualtesting plansarecarriedout.
·        Aggregation,review,andreportingoftotalriskinformationacrossbusinesslinesandsupportunits totheCEO and Managementteams.
·        Develop,maintain,andupdatetheBank’sInternalCapitalAdequacyAssessmentProcess(ICAAP)in linewiththeBank’sStrategicPlans,Capitalrequirement,andRiskmanagementpractices.
·        ResponsibleforensuringtheBankisincompliancewithvariousinternalandexternalregulations, policies,Central Bankprudentialguidelines,FATCAandrelevantlaws.
·        CarryoutperiodicCreditPortfolioanalysistoensurethattheBank’sriskappetitewithregardto Credit Risk Management processes is maintained and achieved.
·        Lead,DevelopandupdatetheBank’sRiskControlandSelf-Assessment(RCSA)framework,annual onsitereviewplans,internalworkshopsandsnapchecks.
·        Establish and manage the Bank’s Information Security office and framework to ensure that informationsecurityrisksandthreatsareidentified,managedandmitigated.
·        Management and direct supervision of the Security and Fraud risk (detection and prevention) functionoftheBank–whichincludesphysicalandelectronicsurveillancesystems.
·        Represent the bank in reporting to the local authorities with regards to the risk and compliance-related matters.
Qualifications, experience, and skills
·        Universitydegreeinabusiness-relatedcourse.Postgraduatequalificationandprofessionalrisk qualificationwillbeanaddedadvantage.Risk and compliance-related courses and certifications are also an added advantage.
·        Atleast4years’ experienceinBankingwithaminimumof2years’relevantexperienceinRisk& ComplianceatseniormanagerlevelinacommercialBank.
·        Excellentcommunicationandreportwritingskills.
How to apply?
Potential candidates are requested to send their applications together with their CVs to this e-mail: not later than 22th December 2019 – 23:59 Somalia time.
Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.


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