Mogadishu’s solar-powered street lights and surveillance systems targeted

Mogadishu Street lights and CCTVs targetted
Mogadishu Street lights and CCTVs targetted

MOGADISHU (SOMALI INFO) Unknown attackers targeted with blasts and hand grenades with solar-powered street lights and CCTV Cameras along Maka Al-Mukarama road in the capital Mogadishu early on Thursday, March 19, 2020.

Eyewitnesses told Somali Information Center reporter the blasts occurred at Dabka Junction and the police stationed at Waberi district police station pursued the attackers.

At least 2 street lights and CCTV cameras destroyed during the attack.

In an attempt to increase security and curb the crime rate, Mogadishu municipality in collaboration with the National Intelligence and Security Agency kept the city’s major roads under CCTV surveillance.

The cameras and street lights were destroyed with IEDs in early January but it was later reinstalled.

Former Deputy NISA Abdisalam Yusuf Guled believes the perpetrators of these heinous actions are businesses against the company the government contracted to install the street lights and surveillance system.

“There might be competition between the companies, a company against the one awarded with the contract could be possible, but so far we think who did these acts is Al-Shabaab.”, Said Abdisalam

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