Program Manager – Hargeisa


Terms of Reference
Somaliland Non-State Actors Forum

Program Manager

To provide overall management of programs for Somaliland Non-State

Actor (SONSAF)

Hargeisa with frequent travel in all regions of Somaliland

Start date
25th December 2019

Reporting to
Somaliland Non-State Actors Forum Executive Director

Somaliland Non-State Actors forum SONSAF is a leading civil society platform that aims to engage all Somaliland Non-Stat actors by improving their capacity and position. Since its establishment in 2008, SONSAF’s mission and primary objective is to enhance non-state actor’s voice through better coordination and networking that contributes in helping Non-state actors to possess a vibrant space in policy dialogue arena especially, peace-building, security, democratization, development sustainability and have concrete influence in formulating policies that address the needs of all citizens. Overall the civil society and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have the power to influence individual behaviour and the institutions that are involved in all development sectors.
Civil society and nongovernmental organizations have the ability to:

Lead grass-roots mobilization and advocate on development agenda such as contributing in fulfilling the NDP and SDGs targets
Support the wide dissemination of information and advocate on the democratization, education uptake, promotion of health and prevention of diseases etc.
Form networks and action groups to promote development agendas and engage all sectors of the community including minorities groups and hard to reach areas
Monitor and work with other stakeholders such as private sector entities;
Contribute to putting knowledge and evidence into practice

SONSAF is seeking a professional program manager who is well versed in working with civil society organizations (NGOs), and possess knowledge in key areas of project and program management, in order to create sustainability and further lead resource mobilisation strategies.
Major responsibilities

Under the leadership of the SONSAF executive director, the program manager will be responsible to organize all projects activates to support the strategic direction of the organization and overseeing the achievement of larger goals.
Provide technical leadership and oversight in program strengthening in the areas of leadership development, advocacy, civic engagement, governance, institutional and community-based development;
Provide overall program management and support to the Executive Director in areas including program implementation, tracking and updating of plans as needed, monitoring of program budget, human resources support, management of sub-agreements and consultancies
Prepare high quality written materials including program proposals, donor reports, training materials, grantee agreements, research reports and other program documentations
Coordinate and supervise all organization programs and activities to ensure main project goals align with the program objectives.
Lead the implementation of all projects; manage changes and interventions to ensure all projects goals are achieved.
Highly professional who is able to help the organization stay on schedule, on spec, and ultimately on an upward trajectory of success and growth.
Make sure that project personnel nationally and regionally are updated on all information related to project priorities, commitment, action plans, schedules, timeframes, and deadlines.
Coordinate working relationship between administration and program department, and increase the competence of prompt administrative support to program
Ensure proper implementation and coordination of overall program activities at the head and regional sub-offices
Establish, organize, and coordinate a consistent system to work with NSA program components/project formats

Desirable requirements
Candidate must be experienced in program management, international organizations, and/or other similar experience in related areas. Must have knowledge about the private sector and government institutions.
Supervisor/overall responsibility
The program manager directly reports and is supervised by SONSAF Executive Director.
Qualifications and specialized knowledge
Education: Advanced university degree in project/program management, public administration, Business related degree, development studies, and/or related field is required. Degree specifically in project management will be an added advantage.

Master’s degree in; project/program management, planning strategy and financing, business related degree, or equivalent degree in project/program management from recognized University/College or equivalent experience (at least 5 years of work experience in management and policy work in large organizations or country/Government level);
Demonstrated experience in budget analysis or writing analytical reports/briefs and preparing presentations;
Demonstrated experience in program management;
Experience in establishing and maintaining cooperative working relationships with other civil society organizations, and governmental agencies;
Substantial knowledge of citizen participation, community engagement, and public outreach mechanisms and processes;
Demonstrated ability to design and deliver related capacity building activities;
Good interpersonal and communication skills and very good analytical skills;
Solid experience with common Microsoft Office packages;
Integrity, tact, discretion and demonstrated sensitivity to cultural differences.


Strong skills in budgetary/program analysis, strategic thinking, project management and ability to facilitate the involvement and collaboration of a broad range of stakeholders, INGOs, CSOs and LNGOs;
Excellent coordination, communication, cross-cultural and negotiation skills;
Ability to convene and work with all relevant national and international stakeholders;
Ability to build, motivate and lead a team;
Gender sensitivity and understanding of cultural diversity issues and cultural and social factors;
Capacity to work under pressure and with a high degree of independence.

Conditions of Work
The Program manager will be based at SONSAF in Hargeisa with potential travel to the sub-regional level.
Submission: detailed CV with a cover letter will be submitted no later than 22nd of December at 4pm, both hard copy and soft copy.
Office location: SONSAF is situated behind the WHO Hargeisa

SOURCE: Program Manager – Hargeisa

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