Project Coordinator


Project Coordinator

Position title                   :   Project Coordinator
Reporting to                   :     Area Manager- Bay and Bakool
Location                        : Baidoa, with frequent travels to Xudur, Ceelbarde & Dinsoor
Supervisees:All project staff
Functional Department:Program
Position Summary:
The project Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the projects are well linked to other programs with a view of enhancing the integrated approach. The Project Coordinator reports to and works closely with or seeks technical / advisory support from the immediate supervisor
Main Purpose:
The Coordinator will perform detailed managerial and administrative tasks as assigned by the supervisor to all the project locations. These entail him satisfying certain managerial, administrative and legal requirements, including various project planning, human resource, reports, documentation and correspondence. He / She will be responsible for coordinating the establishment and running of the Project, according to project proposals- which will be the key working document. He will coordinate the planning of its activities, according to the needs and priorities of the local community, and in particular, those of vulnerable youth, women and their families. He is responsible for empowering the families to effectively protect and care for their children. He will lead the project team; build working relationships with local authorities and communities; establish and maintain partnerships with relevant community based organizations and other service providers that will enhance the local responsibility for programme management and sustainability. He/she will ensure the setting up and implementation of appropriate and effective administrative, internal control, monitoring and evaluation systems. He will ensure that all necessary information and documentation about the Economic development and livelihood project is supplied to other Programme staff.
Priority Task and Responsibilities:
   Responsible for setting up the Economic development and livelihood project and its overall management:

Guide and coordinate the formation and development of Community Task Force to spearhead the programme;
Lead and coordinate training of Community Task Force on vulnerability assessment at family and community levels;
Coordinate and support a participatory vulnerability assessment at family and community levels;
Guide and support Community Task Forces in the identification of project participants.
Organise the Admissions Committee to recommend the project participants received from the Economic development and livelihood project admission task force and Community Task Forces to the National PD Manager for consideration.
Plan for active participation of youth and Women in all processes.
Guide and coordinate the formation and functioning of family support groups.
Guide and support the identification and training of community facilitators in Family Development Planning.
Ensure the creation, maintaining and updating of files for programme activities and participants.

                Lead Programme Planning and budgeting.

Organise Community Task Force, youth, families and communities in the assessment of root causes leading to child abandonment at family and community levels through use of appropriate participatory tools.
Coordinate the development of an appropriate action plan to meet the needs of each household and community.
Lead the identification of opportunities and mobilization of local resources for the action plan to meet the needs of each household and community.
Support the preparation of individualized family development plans.
Support the preparation of community development plans
Lead in the preparation of annual planning and budgets relevant to the attainment of projects’s goal.
Coordinate the development of emergency preparedness plans against potential disasters.
Lead the planning of ensuring gender balance in decision making and in all project processes.

Coordinate implementation of the approved Annual Plans and Budgets

Lead and support the timely implementation of the approved annual plans and Budgets;
Lead and support families’ access to essential services required to fulfill their children and youth developmental needs and rights;
Lead and support families/caregivers access to Income Generation & Food security training and support
Lead and support Children’s, Youth & Caregiver access to Skills development services
Guide the formation and capacity building of community based organisations (CBO) to support the programme

Establish effective Networking and Partnerships with the community, local authorities and other service providers

Ensure stakeholder analysis within the programme, maintaining and updating stakeholders’ profiles.
Collaborate with the implementing partner, community development structures, other NGOs and government departments for effective service delivery to project participants.
Support functional sustainability of community based networks on OVC support and other relevant development initiatives.
Represent the all projects of the 3 locations OVC related forums in the respective region and state.
Identifying opportunities for OVC supportive partnerships within the programme Area;
Enhance strong linkages with other programs and support the integrated approach
Builds and maintains effective relationships, with the project team, colleagues, members, external  partners and project participants
Values diversity sees it as a source of competitive strength approachable, good listener, easy to talk to

Establish mechanisms for and undertake onging monitoring and evaluation of the projects’ activities

Establish effective monitoring and evaluation tools
Conduct regular monitoring and review of activities aimed at ensuring that the programme continues to provide relevant and quality services that lead to self reliance of families and the community
Conduct spot checks on programme activities
Carry out regular visits to CBOs, family support groups and other partners in the respective community for timely and relevant programme support.
Document the good practises and lessons learnt and share them across other FSP programmes and other facilities in general

Reporting and documentation

Prepare and submit timely progress reports to the National PD Manager on project interventions.
Support the National PD Manager on information requirements for funding PSA, the National Association, proposal development and other demands as may come up from time to time
Submit stories/articles and photos of the programme regularly to NO for public relations, fundraising or any other purpose as may be required
Ensuring that relevant community development structures have documented programme processes.
Ensuring that the database and files of beneficiaries on the project are maintained and updated timely;
Protect the beneficiary data base and other related information vital to the programme

Manage the appropriate and efficient utilisation of the organisation’s resources

Participate in the recruitment, orientation, training, appraisal and development of PD co-workers in conjunction with the Human Resource Coordinator;
Carry out performance management and maintain motivation among the project co-workers;
Together with the HRM and National PD Manager, regularly review and suggest improvements to the staffing pattern of the FSP;
Attend management meetings
Ensure that the organisation’s property and financial resources are used modestly and efficiently as approved through the project objectives and budget.
Work in cooperation with key staff in the family strengthening programmes to ensure that all funds are properly managed and controlled, and that timely accountabilities for disbursed funds and implemented activities are submitted to the Project Accountant
Adherence to internal controls.

Understanding the SOS organization

Ensure clear understanding of the background, philosophy, principles, policies and organisation structure of SOS.
Understand the different roles of Family Strengthening Programme team members and other SOS Facilities.
Ensure clear understanding of the Family Strengthening Programme policy manual among the Program Co-workers.
Ensure clear understanding of the Programme Internal Control policy manuals among the project Co-workers.
Ensure clear understanding of the Programme tools among the Project Co-workers.
Any other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

Qualification & Experience

University degree in social sciences.
Minimum 5 years’ experience in child and family development programmes.
Proven expertise and understanding in development issues with a relevant technical competence in Economic development and livelihood needs assessment, project design, development and implementation.
Extensive field experience in working with Community based organisations, young people and women.
Substantial experience of non-formal, participatory training and staff development.

Competencies – knowledge, skills and abilities

Good knowledge of standards and current directions of development in the field of child’s rights approach, and social welfare systems
Organisational skills – skills of planning and organising resources necessary for achievement of goals
Ability to prepare budget and financial management skills
Computer literacy (MS Office)

Child Safeguarding Policy: SOS Children’s Villages organization is committed to safeguarding the rights of the children and therefore, is expected that every individual who joins with SOS Children’s Villages Somalia understand his/her responsibility in protecting and keeping children always safe.
I………………………………………………………………………………..acknowledge that I am familiar with this Position Description and understand that it provides only the general scope of activity and the basic tasks and responsibilities associated with the position.  This Position Description supersedes all previous Position Descriptions and is subject to change following consultation with my supervisor.Please sign below and return a copy to the Human Resource department at National Office.

Date, Signature Employee:
Date, Signature Direct Supervisor:

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Application Procedure:
Interested applicants should send their applications with a CV, clear subject line and scanned copies of your academic and professional certificates indicating telephone numbers and three referees to: this
Closing date is 18thJuly 2018 2018.
Competent Female candidate are encourage to apply
Only short listed candidates will be contacted.
This job description outlines only the general scope of activity and the basic tasks and responsibilities associated with this position. It is updated annually in the course of performance appraisal. It may be supplemented with a more detailed definition of tasks, responsibilities and involvement in processes.

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