Project Management (In-Class and Online)


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Training: Project Management (In-Class and Online)
The training methodology is highly practical, experiential and participatory, focusing on real issues and helping participants to practice the application of tools and techniques using their real life project experiences.

2 Project Cycle Management
1.3 Management of PCM
1.4 Good Practice
1.5 Good Governance for Partnership Working

The Six Stages of the Project CycleStage
1 Programme
1.1 Programme
1.2 Developing the Programme Strategy
Stage 2 Identification

1 Stakeholders
2.2 Problems and Objectives Assessment
2.3 Quality Assurance Check – Relevance

Stage 3 Formulation
3.1 Preparing the Logical Framework
3.2 Objectives Column
3.3 Assumptions Column
3.4 Check the Design Logic
3.5 Indicators Column
3.6 Evidence Column
3.7 Activities
3.8 Check the Logical Framework
3.10 Mainstreaming Framework
3.11 Considering the Evaluation
3.12 Project Proposal
3.13 Activity Plan
3.14 Budget Plan Guide
Stage 4 Appraisals and Commitment
4.1 Appraising a Project Proposal
4.2 Project Eligibility
4.3 Project Relevance
4.4 Project Feasibility
4.5 Sustainability of Project Benefits
Stage 5 Implementation
5.1 Developing a Terms of Reference
5.2 Inception Review
5.3 Establish and Carry out Project Monitoring
Stage 6 Evaluation
6.1 Preparing the Evaluation
6.2 Lessons Learnt to Inform Strategy
6.3 Reporting on the Evaluation.
Participant will be issued a certificate upon successful completion of the training.
Training Fee: 
UN Organizations/ INGO:   $80Local NGOs/Companies: $50     Individuals:  $40    Student: $35
This fee includes training materials, trainers’ fee, and Certificate.
Fee Payment: Deposit at DAHABSHIL account: (HRGD38163) or by Hand before or on deadline
Deadline: 07 July   2018
Duration: 8 days
Registration: Training application form is available in our office or request by email at
Contact and Address: Top floor Ina Afdiinle building, between Hargeisa Bridge and Dahabshil Bank, Hargeisa.    Tel: +252 634423788, +252 633333456Email:
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Our Clients:Relief International- South Central, World Vision– Puntland, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)– Somaliland, ADRA– Somaliland, International Medical Corps (IMC)– South Central, GUUL GROUP, IGAD Sheik Technical Veterinary School, and NEO Company.Shaqodoon Oroganization

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