Project Propsal writing training


Project Propsal writing training
The Training adopts mixed methods and problem-solving approach that will include lectures, group works, one-on-one discussions, brainstorming, problem tree analysis, feedback sessions which will contribute to participants’ in-depth understanding of the course with follow up sessions after the training course. The focus will be to take the participants through the steps in the development of grants proposals, develop problem tree and solution analysis, identify and analysis different donor formats and critical elements to facilitate project success.
Participants will discuss the purpose of a grant proposal, concept and project plan, organizational capacity, and criteria for reviewing the proposal.Participants will also understand the terminologies used in Project proposals (glossaries).
The Interactive learning sessions will focus on real practical sessions with minimal lecture or facilitator centered methods.  The maximum number of participants in this course will be 15-20registered on a first come basis.
The course is structured to enable participants have the zeal to develop grant proposal after the completion of the training course and will employ follow up sessions with participants after the course. The course is particularly valuable for professionals in humanitarian fields, institutions and companies.
The core objective of this training workshop is to equip the professionals and interested participants with sets of skills to confidently undertake the development of grants proposal developments. As an output, the participants will be required to develop grant proposals to qualify for certifications before the completion of the training workshop.
This training workshop is designed to offer well designed guidelines and practical activities that will assist the participants develop fully fledged grant proposals. By the end of the training programme, participants are expected to develop grant proposals on different thematic areas and have conceptual clarity and practical knowledge to confidently develop or contribute to proposal developments in their organizations or institutions.
Course Target Participants

Professionals in the humanitarian and development fields
Project and Program Managers
Middle level Managers.

Tentative Programme
The course is organized in modules and each module covers a set content to enable participants understand and synthesis the course modules and progress successively in the succeeding modules.
Day1: Introductory &General overview of the course

Understanding projects, project Managements, project operations and programs
Grasp concepts and terminologies used in projects.
Discuss the importance of project Management.
Understand the project life cycle.

Day2: Project Management Disciplines

Project scope
Project Objectives
Limits and Exclusions
Planning Model: Work Break down structures
Developments of work break down structures.
Organizational breakdown structures
Log frame Development
Budget Development

Day 3: Project Resources Management

Managing project finances
Developing budgets and budget controls.
Activity Based Budgeting.
Identifying cost estimates
Analyzing factors affecting quality of estimates.
Monitoring project costs.

Project constraints
Types of Project Constraints
Time constrained projects: Resource leveling.

Resource constrained Projects

Day 4 Risk Management

Identification of risks
Defining categories of risks
Risk analysis
Risk Management process.

Day 5 Project Execution

Project Organization structure and culture
Project staffing-HR issues.

Day 6 Monitoring and Control

Project Monitoring Control
Project Closure or the phasing out of projects

The training will use a range of methods, including presentations, group discussions and practical real-life exercises.
Starting Date: 23-28Aug 2018
Duration: 6 days training program.
Afternoon Class: 4:15 Am–7:00pm
The course will take place in Mogadishu, Somalia.

The course fee is $ 60 per person to cover (Course Materials, Refreshment, and Certificate)
For further inquiries, you can call on + +252619442225

Interestedparticipants shouldapplybyphone: (+252619442225) Or you can click below link to register
The course facilitators have more than twenty years’ experience in humanitarian and development fields. They have led the development of grants proposals for high profile donors and are familiar with different donor guidelines. To test the zeal of the course, register to be the first.

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