REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Consultant, Strategic Plan Development for the Somaliland Civil Society Network  for Scaling-Up Nutrition


Consultant, Strategic Plan Development for the Somaliland Civil Society Network
 for Scaling-Up Nutrition

General Information

Objective: To develop a 3 year strategic plan.
Contract: Short-term consultancy
Duration: 30 days
Expecting starting date: 15th January 2019
Issuing organization: African Network for Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse & Neglect- Somali Chapter (ANPPCAN-SOM).
RFP Issued: December 25, 2018.
Contact for Further Information: AmaalDama, Project Manager
amaal.dama@anppcansom.orgPhone: 063-3379948

Background and purpose of this assignment:

ANPPCAN-SOMis a legally registered body in Somaliland and Somalia.  It is a non-government, not-for-profit and non-partisan organization concerned with status of children and women in general and those in need of protection in particular. Since its establishment, ANPPCAN-SOMhas been fighting malnutrition and is able to reach thousands of children through its projects that effectively deliver basic healthcare and nutrition services with a focus on under-five children and women of child-bearing age. ANPPCAN-SOM has also spearheaded efforts tocreate a sound understanding of nutrition among political players, policymakers, policy implementers and the general publicthrough advocacy and communications.
Rates of acute malnutrition and chronic malnutrition are alarming in Somaliland with some variations by regions and livelihood system. According to FSNAU, results from 30 separate nutrition surveys conducted by FSNAU and partners between November and December 2017 in Somaliland and Somalia indicate that the overall nutrition situation in Somaliland and Somalia has shown critical levels of Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM 15-30%). Thus, one in six children aged 6 to 59 months are acutely malnourished and one in twenty-two, severely malnourished. Equally, pregnant and lactating women are estimated to be acutely malnourished. Results from FSNAU Meta-analysis of data from 2001 to 2009 highlight the chronic nature of this alarming situation. The results show that over this period, median rates of global acute malnutrition have remained at serious (10% to <15%) or critical (15% to <20) levels (WHO classification). Similarly, median rates of stunting were above 20% i.e. at serious level throughout the period 2001 to 2009, according to WHO classification (2000).
Currently, CSOs are actively engaged in Somaliland nutrition working group, but they have inadequate skills and capacity to engage in progressive advocacy initiatives in issues related to nutrition. They are rarely engage in policy processes with the government and their participation has not yet based on evidence that is able to influence policy direction. At present there is no framework for CSOs to monitor and provide feedback to government and other stakeholders in the implementation of the national nutrition action plan. Furthermore, Somaliland lacks adequate cross-sectoral coordination and collaboration at the National and sub-national levels which contributed to low level nutrition advocacy, policy formulation and implementation in the country.
In order to address the above gaps, ANPPCAN-SOM is currently implementing a project with the aim of establishing Somaliland Civil Society Network for Scaling-Up Nutrition (SLCSN-SUN) with technical and financial support from global pool fund for SUN civil society movements. This project seeks to establish CSOs network to harmonize and coalesce their different advocacy activities to ensure coherence and unity in achieving optimal outcomes in nutrition. Ultimately, it is envisioned that a vibrant CSO networking will be working effectively to bring about notable difference in nutrition issues.
The consultant will contribute towards effort to build a comprehensive and effective strategy for SLCSN-SUN to leverage opportunities at country level to advance civil society engagement in nutrition.

Scope of work

The scope and focus of the assignment is to provide technical, strategic, and facilitation support to enable the creation of the Strategic Plan for SLCSN-SUN.

Conductconsultative meetings withstakeholder interviews to determine the key focus or priority areas in engaging the civil society on nutrition.
Review government nutrition strategies and action plans and identify potential entry points for civil society engagement on nutrition to support government strategies and action plans.
Interviews will be required with SUN focal point and other relevant government stakeholders, members of multi-stakeholder platforms on nutrition, UN, Donors and Civil Society.
Identify key entry points and opportunities to engage civil society actors effectively in Somaliland.
Outlining gaps in the enabling environment which require addressing for network to take action and invest in nutrition.
Identify areas within national policies/frameworks/action plans for nutrition where the civil society actors could play an instrumental role through their core operations to deliver the objectives of policies/frameworks/action plans.
Review and analyze past and current strategies established by SUN Network countries within the region and beyond.
Assess existing SUN frameworks and tools, including country strategies for good practice and examples of establishing and implementing a national SLCSN-SUN strategy.
Review and analyze existing National SUN strategies and levels of SUNengagement.
Develop a three-year strategy for the SLCSN-SUNSomaliland
The strategy will outline 2-3 detailed action plans which would aim to increase civil society action and investment in nutrition.
Identify opportunities to strengthen ongoing investments, key policies, infrastructure, technical and financial assistance, and mechanisms in-country and reduce gaps (if mechanisms do not exist).
Outline a membership structure for the network and establish draft governance model for the network.
Develop a draft results framework for a three-year strategy.
Develop a Fundraising plan for a three-year strategy for the SCN Somaliland
Develop a draft budget for the three-year strategy and identify potential donors and funding opportunities.
Assess the potential for in-kind contributions from the civil society actors or for a membership fee structure.
Recommend key next steps to advance the Somaliland Civil Society national network, including fundraising opportunities:
Identify donor priorities for civil society sector work in nutrition with a focus on the major donors and foundations working in Somaliland.
Identify potential hosts of the SLCSN-SUN and propose hosting arrangements including coordination mechanism, governance and accountability structure.



Expected time

a. Inception Report
i. A comprehensive desk review of documents relevant to an understanding and execution of the assignment;
ii. An elaboration of a methodology/action plan, work plan, list and contacts of key stakeholders to be engaged.
7-10 days

b.Final Draft Strategic Plan
i. The final product of the process will be a final draft of the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan for SLCSN-SUN.
Features of the final draft will include, among other things:
·          An executive summary.
·          A succinct review of the context of SUN development in Somaliland.
·          An overview of the mandate of the SLCSN-SUN and the implications for its organization and relation with partner entities
·          A needs assessment and strategic analysis for the SLCSN-SUN
·          A report that outlines existing SLCSN-SUN strategies or initiatives and assessment of engagement to date; an assessment of the enabling environment for the network to take action and increase engagement on nutrition in Somaliland; a summary of key findings and recommendations; and
ii.             A comprehensive three-year strategy for the SLCSN-SUN in Somaliland.
iii.            A Monitoring and Evaluation Framework to ensure that the achievement of the Strategic Plan can be tracked.
iv.            Fundraising Plan.
<20 days

N.B. Two hard copies and a soft copy should be submitted to the SLCSN-SUN Secretariat within the agreed period. 

Expertise/skills required


The Strategic Planning Consultant should possess post-graduate qualifications at the level of at least a Master’s Degree level in Business Administration or related areas.
At least four (4) years’ experience in consultancy work related to strategic planning.
Proven excellent communication and facilitation skills. The Consultant must be readily available and ready to start when required. The consultancy firm should be able to indicate and prove that they have the resources to handle the project.
Demonstrated experience in working with government partners and Civil Society stakeholders in health and nutrition programs would be an added advantage,
The Consultant should give at least two (2) references from organizations where work of a similar nature was done.


Selection Process

The Executive Committee will review all proposals. In evaluating proposals, price will not be the sole factor. The Committee may consider any factors it deems necessary and proper, including but not limited to: price, quality of service, response to this request, experience, staffing, and general reputation. The final decision rests with the Office of the Secretariat.

Tender Standards

Interested applicants should submit their technical and financial proposals, curriculum vitae, and statement of capability by the 7thof January, 2019, to supply@anppcansom.orgor will be accepted on a rolling basis.

SOURCE: REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Consultant, Strategic Plan Development for the Somaliland Civil Society Network  for Scaling-Up Nutrition

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