The Somaliland government established the first Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSSP) in 2013. The HSSP articulates the vision of the health sector, especially focusing on the EPHS package and aligning with the WHO’s six building blocks for health systems strengthening. The development of the second phase of the HSSPs (2017-2021) has recently been completed with support from WHO as part of the Joint Health and Nutrition program (JHNP). The HSSPII is based on 9 strategic objectives with a key focus on scaling up of essential and basic health and nutrition services (EPHS).
The MOHD has also prioritized decentralization of MOH functions to ensure better monitoring and management of the EPHS through regional and district health offices. However, the HSSP II is yet to finalized and launched, and the operationalized plans for the period 2019-2021 is yet to the developed and costed. The MOHD in collaboration with Population Services International (PSI) is looking for a consultant to work with the MOHD to finalize the MOHD, including the review of the 2017 operational plans and updating the document to include the operational plans for 2019-2021, which will culminate the launch of the finalized document by the MOHD.
Description of Tasks
This will center around internal consultation under the guidance of the planning department with the various department in the ministry of health, including relevant partners, NGOs, and UN agencies working in Somaliland, on the various strategic priorities in the HSSP II with the aim of understanding their roles and contribution towards the realization of the strategic priorities in HSSPII going forward, and provide suggestion on how some of the key objectives might be achieve
The selected consultant will be able to

Work with the MOH to review draft HSSP II, specifically, each of the strategic objectives, and make relevant update to the document, in line with the priority of the MOHD
Develop a costed operational plan for the rest of 2018, 2019-2021
Make recommendations to the MOH on mechanism, for regular coordination of inputs, tracking progress, and review of progress toward HSSP II objectives.

The Consultant is expected to have previous experience in Somaliland Health Sector (specifically: Policy formulation and design), knowledge of Somaliland health systems, development, operationalization and review of National policies. Strong reporting writing skills, ability to facilitate high level consultation workshops and meetings.
What will you do?
The consultant will perform the following services for MOHD:

Review the progress on:
Results and trends against HSSP II outcome level indicators of each Strategic Direction for 2017, and so far in 2018

What was achieved in terms of key results?

What were the highlights?
What are the lesson learnt so far, and how can the HSSPII implementation be improved going forward?
Provide technical assistance to the MOHD in the development of prioritised work plan in line with the priority of the MOHD for 2019-2021.
Support the MOHD to cost the work plan, based on the priorities of the MOHD having considered government own internal resources, and external sources
To identify potential organizational and managerial constraints to implementation of the HSSP II
To consolidate the key Challenges and gaps and under HSSP II period so far
To recommend adjustments in the inventions in response to the changing environment for each strategic directions and priorities for the 2019 Annual Operational Plan and beyond and Budget for


In coordination with the MOH, review, and update the performance framework and indicators to reflect MOH priorities for the period 2019-2021

It is estimated that this task will take 14 days to complete. Below is a tentative schedule, however will be subject to MOHD’s preference in consultation with the consultant

No. of Days

Desk Review: by collecting, organizing and
2 days

synthesizing available information of the results

and progress made, review of HSSP indicator and

the strategic direction

Conduct consultative workshop/meeting with MoH
3 days

Planning Department and other relevant


Participatory/Consultative workshop with
5 days

and Partners

PowerPoint presentation preparation
1 day

Presentation to stakeholders
1 day

Submit draft report to MoH and PSI within 1 week
1 day

of conducting the Planning Workshop

Final report within 1 week of receiving comments
1 day

Total of days
14 days


An updated and final HSSP document with costed operational plans for 2019-2021
An activity report delivered within 5 working days of completing the activity
PowerPoint presentation to the stakeholders

Required Qualifications/Skills & Experience:

A master’s in public health, Health policy and planning, Health Economics or other related field, with at least 10 years working in governments on policy, strategy, and to develop HSSP
Previous experience working on HSSP in the Somali context or other Similar context will be considered an advantage
Being a Somaliland National, will be considered as advantage

Contact Us if You Have What It Takes:
If you think you are a great fit, we would love to hear from you. Please send the below documents to by August 27, 2018, with the RFQ HSSP2 Consultant on your E-mail message’s subject line

Updated CV with cover letter: detailing your qualification, relevant work experience (Name of the client, project name, & dates), projects implemented, skills you possess and competencies.
Your rate history (Rate per day)- how much would you charge per day to deliver the above-mentioned You are also required to submit the following supporting documents including: contract/PO, invoice/receipt confirming the rates charged in the previous assignments.
Attach at least three recommendation letters from respective clients- Gov’t, NGO and UN
Please confirm that you will be available for this engagement no later than 15th September 2018


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