Short Course on Professional Report Writings Skills


Short course on Professional Report Writings Skills
The African Academy for Professionals (AAP) is glad to present short term training on Professional Report Writings Skills for organizations, business, and non-business communities.

Course Title
Professional Report Writings Skills

Graduates, NGO  staff (programs and consultancies) and other interested people

5 Days

Lectures, presentations, group work, tests and sharing practical experiences

Background:       Technicolor scientific writing skills are not an innate talent, but are developed and sharpened through active and continued engagement in research and writing / journal publication. The dynamic nature of today’s scientific and business world and the associated societal demands for addressing demographic, socio-economic and environmental challenges call for frequent strengthening of publication skills of researchers to facilitate information exchange and utilization to address development challenges.
Objective(s):      To give professionals, public and private officers, researchers and students from various institutions the working knowledge of report writing skills that can be applied to address technical gaps in drafting reports.
Scope of the training workshop:
The participants will attend an intensive 5-days training workshop consisting of lectures and hands on training in report writing skills. Participants will also experience the literature search, annotated literature review process and structuring of reports.
Course content:

Key elements of technical reporting
Planning Your Report
Professional Writing – organizing Ideas
Clear writing skills process for research and survey reports
Suitable reporting for different audience
Eliminating common language mistakes
Understanding what motivates people to read
Preparing and outlining reports

Expected outputs and outcomes:
Outcome:            Strengthened practical skills in report writing skills for public and private participants.
Training approach:           the workshop will comprise a series of lectures, extensive hands-on practical, group discussions and experience sharing by participants. Pre- and post- workshop evaluations will be conducted by both participants and trainer.

 5 Days

Start Date
11th Jan 2020 at 07:00 Pm (Evening)

Ali Gobannimo Building, Behind Deero Mall,  3rd Floor, Togdheer Area, Hargeisa.

At least senior university student, fluent in English, from all background
Laptop (one can be shared by two)

Course Fee
$40.00 USD

Bank Account Details
Deposit to:
Bank: Dahabshiil Bank
Account Name: African Academy for Professionals
Account Number: HRGD75468

Contact Details
Mobile: +252634730610
Office Line: 523851

Course Facilitator:

Dr. Osman Warsame completed Ph.D. at Imperial College, a MSc from Durham University and Bachelor of Engineering from South Bank University. Subsequently, he had obtained Master of Arts in Education Policy and Research from Metropolitan University, UK.
Osman has an immense knowledge in the public sector sphere as he had served in number of senior government positions such as the Director General (DG) for MOH, DG for MoTIT and the DG for MoICNG in Somaliland
Furthermore, he has vast experience in working with United Nations (UN) and INGOs sector, for instance he had worked with UNFPA as a senior advisor on population and development matters. Also, at UNDP a lead consultant for the development of an M&E framework for implementing partners and finally at UNICEF worked as team leader in the education sector strategic plan development.


SOURCE: Short Course on Professional Report Writings Skills

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