Somalia’s General Da’ud Cup schedule unveiled.


Somali Football Federation has disclosed the schedule for the 2018 edition
of the General Da’ud Cup, the second most-watched sport competition in
Somalia. This year’s event will kick off on the 4th of October when Jeenyo
FC will take on the national Army Side, Horseed Sports Club.

According to the fixtures, all matches will take place in the afternoons,
Monday to Friday and two matches will be played each day. The FIFA-rebuilt
facility Stadium Banadir and the National Technical Centre stadium are the
host venues for the tournament matches.

The football event brings together some 16 national level football clubs
which are the top eight sides of each of the Somali Premier League and the
Division One football league.

General Da’ud Cup is an annual football event in Somalia which is held in
the memory of General Da’ud Abdulle Hersi, the founder of Somali National
Army, a renowned army general who is regarded in Somalia as the father of
the country’s armed forces.

The Late father of Somali National Army, General Da’ud Abdulle Hersi died
in 1965, but Somali Football Federation has been organizing the General
Da’ud Cup since 1972, as a memorial service for the renowned Army general.

The competition is supported by the Army Chief of Staff. Somali Football
Federation president, Abdiqani Said Arab, commended the National Army
Command for its commitment to continue supporting the prestigious football


General Da’ud Cup Fixtures: 2018 Edition
First Round

M/N Day Date Group Clubs Stadium Time

01 Thursday 04/10/2018 A Jeenyo FC Vs
Horseed S.C Banadir 03:30 PM

02 Thursday 04/10/2018 A Sahafi FC Vs
Jamhuuriya FC Technical Centre 03:30 PM

03 Friday 05/10/2018 B Bariga Dhexe
Dekedda SC Banadir 03:30 PM

04 Friday 05/10/2018 B Elman FC Vs
Banadir SC Technical Centre 03:30 PM
05 Monday 08/10/2018 C Gaadiidka FC Vs
Madbacadda FC Banadir 03:30 PM

06 Monday 08/10/2018 C Heegan SC Vs
Midnimo FC Technical Centre 03:30 PM
07 Tuesday 09/10/2018 D Raadsan SC Vs
Rajo FC Banadir 03:30 PM

08 Tuesday 09/10/2018 D Mogadishu
United VsGeeska Afrika FC

Technical Centre 03:30 PM
09 Wednesday
10/10/2018 A Jamhuriya FC Vs
Jeenyo FC Banadir 03:30 PM
10 Wednesday
10/10/2018 A Horseed S.C Vs
Sahafi FC Technical Centre 03:30 PM

11 Thursday 11/10/2018 B Banadir SC Vs
Bariga dhexe FC Banadir 03:30 PM

12 Thursday 11/10/2018 B Dekedda SC Vs
Elman FC Technical Centre 03:30 PM

13 Friday 12/10/2018 C Midnimo FC Vs
Gaadiidka FC Banadir 03:30 Pm

14 Friday 12/10/2018 C Madbacadda
FCVsHeegan SC Technical Centre 03:30 PM
15 Monday 15/10/2018 D Geeska Afrika
FCVs Raadsan SC Banadir 03:30 PM
16 Monday 15/10/2018 D Rajo FC Vs
Mogadishu United
Technical Centre 03:30 Pm
17 Tuesday 16/10/2018 A jeenyo FC V
Sahafi FC Banadir 03:30 Pm
18 Tuesday 16/10/2018 A Jamhuriya FC Vs
Horseed S.C Technical Centre 03:30 PM
19 Wednesday
17/10/2018 B Bariga DhexeFCVs Elman FC Banadir 03:30 PM20 Wednesd ay
17/10/2018 B Banadir SC Vs
Dekedda SC Technical Centre 03:30 PM

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