Tender for Rehabilitation of Water Supply System and School Constructions


Tender for Rehabilitation of Water Supply System and School Constructions
The Cyclone Response Interventions and Support in Somaliland (CRISIS) project is an emergency intervention by ADRA aimed at mitigating the effects of the tropical cyclone Sagar that hit coastal areas of Somaliland in May 2018. The action is being implemented in the districts of Zeylac in selel Region.
ADRA targets to restore damaged infrastructure through emergency rehabilitation of community water supply facilities and Schools to allow provision of basic services to vulnerable communities affected by this disaster.
ADRA is therefore seeking suitable qualified contractors to work with in carrying out related rehabilitation and reconstruction works of affected facilities.
Project Sites – Water Supply and School rehabilitation/Construction

Name of Location
District /Region
Recommended Rehabilitation

Zeila re-advertisement.
Zeila district- Selel region
Rehabilitation Zeila Water Supply System

Zeila primary School
Zeila district- Selel region
Rehab of school main building.

LOT 1b
Habaas School
Zeila district- Selel region
New Extension of two class rooms and rehabilitation of school latrines.

 Successful bidders will be expected to adhere to the approved designs and standards, under supervision of ADRA’s Project Engineers / designated officers.
Document required from eligible Contractors:

Certified and valid Copy of registration certificate (trading license) from relevant Authorities
Certified Tax Compliance by the relevant authority (last year tax payment receipts 2017/2018).
Proof of experience of similar magnitude of task undertaken in the last three years.
Expected time of completion (Work plan)
Validity period of the tender offer (three months minimum).

Please note the following:

Your business premises/store/yard will be physically visited for verification.
Successful biddersin the tender will pay tax due before request forpayment.

Interested contractors / tenderers should collect blank tender forms from ADRA Hargeisa Office in Jigjigayar Area, behind Maansoor Hotel. Completed bids must be submitted back to ADRA Office in Hargeisa by 04th September 2018 at 1600 Hrs.

SOURCE: Tender for Rehabilitation of Water Supply System and School Constructions

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