Tender: Request for Proposals (RFP) For De-siltation of Dam in Beer Village


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Tender: Request for Proposals (RFP) For De-siltation of Dam in Beer Village
ADO is a local, nongovernmental organization in Somaliland. In practicing the hierarchy of development objectives, ADO will apply a number of principles of commitment: selectivity and focus; empowering poor rural people; innovation and scaling up; effective partnerships; and enhance sustainable livelihood initiative for rural communities. All of them are central to ADO’s identity and understanding of its role in contributing to global and national efforts to reduce poverty; and they will guide the organization in defining both what it will do, and how it will do it. In addition, as principles, they will apply to all ADO’s programmes.
ADO is seeking qualified contractor/companies with proven experience and technical capacity to remove silt from Beer Hawara main communal dam. The dam had been established earlier by ADO and local community through contribution and currently is filled by silt and sand from the main canal of Beer dry river. Moreover, the dam has Geo-membrane plastic (Lining) installed to it and with carefulness – ADO is going to contract successful companies to perform this work.
The dam had a water holding capacity of 20,000 cubic meters of water with dimensions of 100 m x 100 m x 2 m depth. Therefore, the total work to be done by the winning contractor/companies will be as follows;

Removal of 10,000 cubic meter of silt and clay soil filled in the dam by floods within fixed time;
Transferring de-silted soil from the dam up to 6 meters of the dam corners and embankments to avoid draining of soil to the dam once again by the upcoming rains;
Avoid damage of the installed geo-membrane sheet installed to the overall dam while taking the responsibility of any torn out that may happen.

However, any contracting or construction company willing to apply for this tender of de-siltation of this dam, they should submit the following documents to ADO office in Hargeisa near young Muslim Academy and Sha’ab court area before 23rdDecember 2018.
Required and must documents to be submitted will include;

Technical proposal – stating the technical aspect of doing work
Financial proposal – Cost of doing work prepared as Bill of Quantities (BoQ)
Proven track record and similar expertise in de-silting dams fitted with Geo-membranes

Interested companies should send their documents and at least three referees clearly indicating “De-siltation of Beer Dam” to the following email addresses:adosomalia@yahoo.com  and hussien@adosom.org  following emails and hard copy or bring hard copies of their documents to ADO office before deadline.

SOURCE: Tender: Request for Proposals (RFP) For De-siltation of Dam in Beer Village

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