TERMS OF REFERENCE Assessment On Gender Sensitivity in TVET Centre Employment Promotion Services and Development of Gender Sensitive Employment Promotion Strategy in Somaliland


Assessment On Gender Sensitivity in TVET Centre Employment Promotion Services and Development of Gender Sensitive Employment Promotion Strategy in Somaliland


For over 90 years, Save the Children International (SCI) has been working to make a difference in children’s lives in more than 120 countries. We are the world’s largest independent child rights organisation, underpinned by the vision of a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation. Our mission is to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.SCI Somaliland has in the past 40 years focused on improving access to basic health care and education for the poorest and most vulnerable children and families, and securing their livelihoods with an overall aim of protecting and promoting their right to survival, development, protection and participation.
Somaliland DANIDA LOT Civil Society(CIV) is an integrated project funded by DANIDA in partnership with Save the Children and implementing partners of Somaliland National Youth Umbrella (SONYO) and Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Somaliland (CCBRS). The program aims to contribute development of vibrant strong CSOs that contribute, advocate and reduce the physical, institutional and social violence against children and youth.

Purpose of the consultancy

Ensuring gender equality in access to technical vocational training and labor markets has been a challenge over the years where private sector that constitute the largest employer in Somalilandis male dominated compared to female employees in wage and self-employment. The assessment aims at identifying gender gaps in Technical Vocational Training;female access to labor markets; gender stereotype and practices related to masculinity. The assessment shall review gender sensitivity in employment promotion by TVET providers, training and post-training support and assessment of challenges in female employment including TVET graduates by different private sectorial industries.
The assessment will generate information that will inform the development of gender sensitive employment promotion strategy. The developed gender sensitive employment promotion strategy is intended tocontributethe enhancement of female access to the local labour market in general and in particular TVET trainings and employment services.

Objectives of consultancy
Examine gender issues and inclusiveness in TVET service including provision of skills training, curriculum relevancy in women’s needs and interest and gender sensitivity of employment promotion packages (Entrepreneurship and BDS training, apprenticeship/internship and job readiness skills training).
Establish rate of employed female graduates in labor market in reference to tracer-studies and labor market surveys.
Identify stereotypes and cultural sensitivity of female participation in TVET and labor market and assess factories contributing towards male domination in labor market.
Determine female entrepreneurial capacity and access to financial products for self-employment.
Identify roles of different key actors in TVET and Labor market in gender gaps including government agencies, development partners and community acceptance prospective.
Analyze and compare key specific competency requirement of industries in labor market with highest female employment and those least female employed.
Produce an assessment report based on which the employment strategy is developed
Develop gender sensitive employment promotion strategy for TVET centers in Hargeisa.
Document case-story of a successful female graduate in labor market and challenges in transitioning to decent employment.


Scope of the assignment

Assessment on Gender Sensitivity in TVET Employment Promotion Services

During the assessment, it is intended to collect information that can be used to help develop gender sensitive employment promotion strategy for TVET centers for effective facilitation of female transitioning into decent employment in labor market. The assessment will thoroughly analyze specific challenges and gender sensitivity in TVET provision and draw recommendation for increasing female participation in TVET and competitiveness of female TVET graduates in labor market.
Comprehensively analyze current linkages of TVET providers with labor market and identify potential gaps.
Review effectiveness and market relevancy of current employment promotion services offered by TVET providers.
Determine effectiveness of apprenticeship and internship services provided to TVET graduates, center relationship with potential employers and leading enterprises in specific industries.
Assess relevancy of skills offered with labor market demand and gender sensitivity.
Assess the female-friendliness of the environment in which TVET trainings and employment promotion services are offered and recommend possible improvements
Review existing policies and legal frame-works for TVET graduate employment promotion and its gender sensitivity.
Review TVET centers Employment Promotion Service approaches and operational manuals to identify potential gaps to promote female participation in labor market.
Interview employers, TVET providers, successful female entrepreneurs and employed female TVET graduates in labor market to document challenges and best practices for successful female transitioning into labor market.

Development of Gender Sensitivity

Conduct consultative workshops to design gender sensitive employment promotion strategy for TVET centers in Hargeisa.
In referring to recent Horumarinta Elmiga II TVET graduate tracer-study, TVET Strategy 2018-2022 and Local Labor Market Surveys, develop strategy that is reflective to labor market trends, skills demand and local economic development.
The strategy should be context based that has can address issues affecting girls access to labor market and draw strategic road map for center EPS units to increase female participation in TVET and employment.



5.1. Data collection:Following are some of the proposed methods for data collection methods.

a) Documents Review:

Desk study review of all relevant documentation, including but not limited to the project document (proposal); HE-II Project Tracer Study, Past Tracer Study reports (fromHorumarinta Elmiga I project); Labour Market Survey report; Interim reports, Vocational Qualification Framework (VQF), TVET Policy Documents, Job readiness and entrepreneurship manuals and gender policy.

Focus Group Discussions (FGD): Focus Group Discussions will be held with different employed, self-employed and unemployed TVET graduate.
Consultative workshops: Three workshops will be held in Hargeisa for TVET service providers, Private sector enterprises and other key stakeholders for the design of the gender sensitive employment promotion strategy.
Semi Structured Interview (SSI):SSI will be carried out with selected sample of EBTVET and IBTVET including center managers, EPS officers and Instructors. It will also target Ministry of Employment,Social Affairs and family (MESAF), MoE TVET directors, employers in private sector, Chamber of Commerce –Industry association, CSO, Youth Associations, successful self-employed entrepreneurs and concerned government authorities including MoYS and MoT&C and project staff and partners.
Observations: Field observations visit will be paid to some of TVET centers to observe training facilities, skill trades and quality, observations of working conditions of graduates that are employed in labor market and gender differences in a sample of targeted workplaces.
Key Informant Interviews: This method is important to capture the views and professional opinions of people who know about the circumstances on the ground and issues pertaining to youth employment and gender sensitivity in labor markets forces in general. Such persons should be selected from agencies like Save the Children, CARE, SOS, Shaqadoon, Spark, SONYO, ministry of youth and sportsand Employers from both the public and private sectors.
Conduct consultative workshop to design Gender Sensitive EPS for TVET centers.

5.2. Data Analysis: Data gathered using various methods and tools will to be collated, analyzed, and interpreted systematically. Data will be analyzed using SPSS or other statistical data analysis programs available that can help generate the required information.

Key Deliverables
Inception report: detailing the methodology, sampling framework, proposed sources of data; and data collection, analysis procedures and a draft but detailed table of content. The developed tools will be discussed and approved by Save the Children Program Team before data collection commences. Revised Final Report, incorporating suggestions and recommendations from the reference group. A second round of revision may be required before the final version of the Final Report can be produced,
A final assessment report in PDF Format and one in DOC format)
Gender Sensitive Employment Promotion Strategy for TVET centers.
An electronic copy of all data collection tools.
High quality photos and case studies.


Roles and responsibilities

The consultant has the overall responsibility of carrying out the assessment in an objective manner and thereof develop strategy based on assessment findings. SCI program staff will organize and mobilize respondents as requested by the consultant.

Duration and timeframe

The duration of the assignment is expected to be 20 days during the month of October 2018excluding travel days. Below is a tentative itinerary that the selected consultant will work.

Person  days

Development and submission of the inception report (includes detailed methodology and study tools)

Consultative and briefing meetings with the field team

Data collection & debriefing

Organization of three workshops with key stakeholders for designing gender sensitive employment promotion Strategy

Data Analysis, report writing and submission of draft reports

Revision, finalization of the report and strategy, submission and approval

Validation and  final report Presentation



Qualifications and Expertise required

Post-graduate degree in Social Sciences, Education, Economics, Statistics or related field.
Minimum of 5 years relevant professional experience in research.
Background knowledge and experience in vocational skills programs is essential.
Strong experience in conceptualizing and implementing tracer studies within the context of TVET and preferably in the context of Somaliland and/or Somalia.
Excellent communication and report writing skills.

Code of conduct

Save the Children’s work is based on deeply held values and principles of child safeguarding, and it is essential that our commitment to children’s rights and humanitarian principles is supported and demonstrated by all members of staff and other people working for and with Save the Children. Save the Children’s Code of Conduct sets out the standards which all staff members must adhere to and the consultant is bound to sign and abide to the Save the Children’s Code of Conduct.
A contract will be signed by the consultant before commencement of the action. The contract will detail terms and conditions of service, aspects on inputs and deliverables. The Consultant will be expected to treat as private and confidential any information disclosed to her/him or with which she/he may come into contact during her/his service.  The Consultant will not therefore disclose the same or any particulars thereof to any third party or publish it in any paper without the prior written consent of Save the Children. Any sensitive information (particularly concerning individual children) should be treated as confidential.
An agreement with a consultant will be rendered void if Save the Children discovers any corrupt activities have taken place either during the sourcing, preparation and implementation of the consultancy agreement.

Mandatory Security Training

The consultant shall be expected to go through mandatory on-line security training and submit the certificate of completion to SC before the commencement of the task. Failure to deliver this will lead to an automatic disqualification. SC will advise on the security plan on appointment.
Candidates interested in the position will be expected to provide the following documentation to save the children’s somaliland.procurement@savethechildren.org latest on Wednesday17th October 2018 –

Cover letter
Detailed technical proposal to ToR, with specific focus addressing the scope of work, methodology to be used and key selection criteria
CV(s) of consultant(s) with minimum of 3 traceable and recent references and/or Company’s profile (Firms Only)
Detailed financial proposal based on expected daily rates
Initial work plan and availability of the consultant
Sample report of the same activity previously done

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

SOURCE: TERMS OF REFERENCE Assessment On Gender Sensitivity in TVET Centre Employment Promotion Services and Development of Gender Sensitive Employment Promotion Strategy in Somaliland

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