TERMS OF REFERENCE Consultancy Services for the Development of architectural plans, Bill of Quantities, bill of materials and surveying and producing survey maps for Two Teacher Training Institutes in Jubaland/Southwest and Hirshebelle/Galmudug regional states of the Federal Government of Somalia



Consultancy service
Consultancy Services for the Development of architectural plans, Bill of Quantities, bill of materials and surveying and producing survey maps for Two Teacher Training Institutes in Jubaland/Southwest and Hirshebelle/Galmudug regional states of the Federal Government of Somalia

Mogadishu –Somalia

Reporting to
Program Director(ESPIG)

Time input
3 months



In August 2018, the Federal Government of Somalia’s application for the Education Sector Program Implementation Grant (ESPIG) was approved by the GPE Board of Directors for a three-year implementation period. The grant has four components.

Component 1: Increased equitable access to quality primary education for out-of-school children:This component seeks to expand equitable access to quality primary education opportunities for out of school children. The component consists of three subcomponents: (1) school inclusion grants to create sustainable conditions for the enrolment of out-of-school children; (2) mapping and harmonization of CEC training, followed by training to CECs to support children’s enrolment, safety and learning; (3) mobilization of communities and authorities to improve safety and security in schools.
Component 2:Enhanced quality of primary education: The component is focused on improving learning outcomes by investing in teaching and learning materials for the new curriculum and assessment and laying the foundation for a stronger teacher training system, ensuring the acquisition of foundational skills at the expected level for each grade. The sub-components are: (1) monitoring the Teacher Education and Management Policy; (2) establishing two national primary teacher training institutes (TTIs) with special education resource centers (SERCs) to enroll 240 student teachers and 60 children with special needs; (3) distribute 148,584[1] sets of seven textbooks (total of 1,040,088 textbooks) and 89,600 teacher guides aligned with the new national curriculum and based on new Minimum Learning Achievements (MLA); and (4) develop, pilot and implement a modified version of EGRA/ EGMA for a nationally representative assessment of learning outcomes in Somali and mathematics.
Component 3: Enhanced capacity at Federal and Member State levels: This component seeks to strengthen system capacity at the MoECHE and Member State MoEs to regulate, manage and monitor schools. The component willsupport the strengthening of the regulatory environment for private and community schools through the development of a Private School Policy. Government and private schools will be supported in improving access and quality. Training for regional, district and private school staff will be provided, and monitoring and support visits to 1,000 schools will be funded to improve quality assurance. Under this component, the Program will also support salaries of Regional Education Officers (REOs) and Quality Assurance Officers (QAOs).
Component 4: Program monitoring, accountability and communication: This component includes monitoring, evaluation and learning activities, as well as communication of results. The program will adopt a robust approach to monitoring, evaluation and learning, with a dual approach – internal monitoring, building upon the limited structure and initial tools available to the Federal and State-level Ministries, and an externally-led evaluation process. Emerging trends and results will be compiled, shared through coordination mechanisms such as the Program Steering Committee, the Joint Review of the Education Sector (JRES) and the ESC, and interpreted/ reflected upon at regional and district levels to improve practices and reinforce positive results on the ground.
Locations of the Two TTIs

The two TTIs are expected to serve the four regional states. One will serve Galmudug and Hirshabelle while the other will serve Southwest and Jubaland regional states. The specific location of each TTI will be decided by the Federal Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education in collaboration with member states and education partners. The exact locations will be decided upon the start of the consultancy.

Objectives of the Consulting Services

The overall objective of the consultancy is to develop architectural plans,structural designs and analysis, soil bearing test results, Bill of Quantities, Bill of materials and survey map for two Teacher Training Institutes,for the Federal Government of Somalia.

Thestudy is expected to achieve the following specific results:


Produce an inception report
Develop 2 architectural plans for the two TTIs, structural analysis, structural designs, soil bearing test results for the two locations.
Bill of Quantities for each TTI.
Bills of Materials for each TTI.
Undertake a survey of each site and produce maps and establish boundaries of the two TTIs.
Recommend the profile of consultants/firms for the construction of the two TTIs and include the required equipment for the constructions of the work.
Draft tender documents with the general conditions of the construction firm, standards specifications for the civil works, supplies and construction materials for the construction of the two Teacher Training Institutes.


Execution of the Study

Overall approach and management of the assignment

Prior to commencement of the Consultancy assignment, the Federal Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education (MoECHE) shall have engaged the regional states and educations partners, identified and completed selection of the two locations. The consultant shall undertake a desk review of all available relevant information and reports on the two locations leading to the attainment of the objectives of the assignment and shall, with the prior agreement of the client, do field surveys to collect primary additional information as necessary. The Consultant shall cooperate with MoECHE during the mobilization period and obtain a consensus with the key stakeholders. The consultants will work with the Program Management Committee (PMC) to ensure smooth execution of the assignment.

Reports and Schedules

6.1 General
The Consultant will prepare and submit to the client 5 copies each of the following listed reports for circulation to MOECHE, CARE, CONCERN and the respective Federal Member states.
6.2. Schedule of Submission of reports
The schedule for submission, from the mobilization date (M), is given as follows


Inception Report
15 days after signature of contract

Bill of Quantities
At the end of the consultancy

Bill of Materials
At the end of the consultancy

Survey maps
At the end of the consultancy

Draft Tender documents
At the end of the consultancy

Final reports
At the end of the consultancy

Architectural designs
At the end of the consultancy

Structural designs
At the end of the consultancy

Structural analysis report
At the end of the consultancy


Inception Report

The Inception Report shall be submitted not more than 15 days from mobilization of the study team. It will describe the Consultant’s organizational and work plan for carrying out the assignment as well as any important initial findings.

Final Reports

These reports will be submitted at the end of the consultancy work. The report shall be accompanied by copies of the work plan and staff scheduling chart marking clearly the progress made up to the end of the reporting period as compared with the work plan. They shall be submitted within ten days to the end of the report period.
iii. Detailed Designs and Tender Documents
The detailed design shall be prepared including the full results of the work carried out by the consultants for the proposed subprogram Design calculations, drawings, cost estimates, economic and financial justifications shall be presented in annexes. The report shall be submitted first in draft form and the final editions of the report will be submitted after incorporating comments by the client. Tender documents shall be prepared for each of the agreed contract packages including bidding documents and bid drawings

Key Personnel and Required Qualifications

The consulting firm will fill an appropriate team with qualified members to undertake the services outlined above. The team should include key experts including the team leader with qualifications described below. The firm is welcome to propose additional experts for efficient implementation of the assignment.

Architect with experience in similar work in the past.
Civil Engineer.

Implementation Schedule

The total implementation period of the assignment phase will be over 3(three months) months from the award of the contract and mobilization. The Consultant shall commence work within 15 days of receipt of Notice to Proceed (award of contract) and shall complete all work within a maximum period of3 months from award of contract. The consultant shall submit a tentative proposed implementation schedule, however in the inception report the consultant shall submit a detailed work plan and implementation schedule showing dates for key activities by calendar months.

Responsibilities of the Consulting Firm

The Firm shall co-operate fully with the executing agency, MoECHE, CONCERN and CARE Somalia. The Firm shall also liaise with CARE and CONCERN program teams and ESPIG Program Management Team.
The Firm shall exercise all reasonable skill, care and diligence in the performance of services under the Agreement and shall carry out all responsibilities in accordance with recognized professional standards. The Firm shall take into account relevant comments from the Program Team, MoECHE and shall be responsible for the accuracy of its work, conclusions and recommendations.
The Firm shall provide sufficient work-power to complete the assignment within the stipulated period. The Firm,the employees of the Firm, and any sub-contractors whilst in Somaliashall respect the laws and customs and culture of the communities.
The copyright of documents prepared by the Consultants in connection with this contract rests with the client. The Consultants may take copies of such documents but shall not use the contents thereof for any purpose unrelated to the contract without the prior written approval of the client.
The Firm shall be liable to the client for the performance of the services in accordance with the provisions of the Contract and for any loss suffered by client as a result of gross negligence or criminal action by the Firm.

Responsibilities of the Client/government

The MoECHE, CONCERN and CAREshall assist the Firm to obtain and/or access all available reports, maps and documents pertinent to the proposed location.
The Clients shall be responsible for all liaisons between the consultant and all other parties involved in the assignment.
The client will make decisions on all reports, recommendations and other matters properly referred to by the consultant for a decision, within such reasonable time so as not to delay the progress of the assignment.
The Clients will grant to the Firm and members of the Firm’s internationally recruited staff, whose names shall have been communicated to them by the Firm. The visa processing, logistics arrangements and security facilitations
MoECHE shall facilitate the speedy granting to the Consultant and any of the Consultant’s personnel in respect of services to be carried out in this contract:
Unobstructed access to all sites and locations involved in carrying out the assignment, notwithstanding other factors and discretion of the national and local authorities.

Technical and Financial Proposal:

Technical proposal should include:

CV detailing key qualifications of the professionals as outlined above.
A detailed activity plan to be undertaken to fulfil the tasks mentioned in this ToR

Financial Proposal:

A Financial proposal should include breakdown of the tasks to be carried out and the payment to be made.

Applications not including all of the above information will not be reviewed.
[1] Estimated number based on existing data on enrolment in public/ community-owned schools, a 2:1 pupil: textbook ratio and 50% coverage.

SOURCE: TERMS OF REFERENCE Consultancy Services for the Development of architectural plans, Bill of Quantities, bill of materials and surveying and producing survey maps for Two Teacher Training Institutes in Jubaland/Southwest and Hirshebelle/Galmudug regional states of the Federal Government of Somalia

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