Terms of Reference “Core-Life Skill Training” – Mogadishu


Terms of Reference
“Core-Life Skill Training”


SOS Children’s Villages Somalia is a social development organization, focusing on the care and support of orphans and vulnerable children. We support families and communities to build their capacity to protect and care for their children, through our Family Strengthening Programmes. Where children have already lost the care of their biological family, we offer long-term family-based care through our SOS Children’s Villages Somalia. In these ways, we support orphans and vulnerable children to be able to grow in a caring family environment. SOS Somalia upholds the rights of children and youth and works towards protecting their rights.
SOS Children’s Villages Somalia is implementing ‘The Next Economy project phase II” which empowering the skilled youth from universities or technical institutes who particularly have challenges to connect to the labour market or lack of opportunities to start their own business. With an innovative approach we hope to inspire, train, coach and facilitate youth to- Prepare them, in
cooperation with the public and private sector for a decent job or Start their own business. The donor of the project is SOS Children’s Village Iceland and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland.

Purose of Core Life Skill Training

SOS Children’s’ Village Somalia will contract a training provider (Training Centre) to train 100 youth (50% f/m) on Core Life Skills. The purpose of this training is to equip youth – employment seekers and entrepreneurs with interpersonal, conflict resolution, goal setting, understanding of entrepreneurship and employment and professional skills that essential for their career development.

Core Life Skill Training Content
Session One: Welcome to the Programme
Session Two: What brings us here?
Session Three: Personal Understanding and Exploratio
Session Four: Motivational Speaker- What are my experiences and how can they help you?
Session Five: Setting My Own Goals
Session Six: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Session Seven: Communication Skills
Session Eight: Enterprise or Employment
Session Nine: Put Yourself Out there
Session Ten: Pitch
Session Eleven: Conflict Management & Decent Work
Session Twelve: Financial Literacy

Training Time Frame

The training will be for 12 weeks- starting from 1st February and will end at 30th April 2020. The training centre should have capacity of accommodating and engaging 100 youth. The trainees will attend the training two days every week. Training provider should have conducive training halls/classes and experienced trainers on this subject. Furthermore, training provider should support SOS youth coaches’ space that they use to conduct youth coaching sessions.

Training Deliverable:
Develop training work plan based on the training curriculum and the TOR.
Conduct 11 training sessions within 12 week


Training provider should search internship placement 10% of the training participants for 3 months

Training Methodology should be;

Participatory and interactive
Use mini-lecturing/ trainees centred method
Use demonstration and simulation materials
Group work/discussion and individual activities
Conducive space for training participants
Take daily youth attendance and share SOS Youth coaches.
Submission of Monthly training report (as agreed).


Terms and Conditions:

The training providers is required to work jointly with SOS Children’s Villages Somalia to provide core life skills training to trainees at the end of this training. SOS Children’s Villages Somalia will recruit the training participants and the training provider will get a list of training participants. If the training provider did not perform well according to the training ToR. SOS Children’s Villages Somalia reserves the right to terminate the contract and/or suspend payments.
How to Apply
SOS Children’s Village Somalia invites technical and financial proposals from qualified firm applications from interested candidates should present and an application, as follows:

A technical application detailing- understanding of the Call for Proposal, methodology and approaches, CVs of the team leaders and technical reference of previous similar works.
A financial proposal with detailed budget taking considering the details in the Call for Proposal and timelines therein.
Registration of the firm or organization
At least two reports of similar assignments in the last one year.

SOS Children’s Village Somalia will select the best proposal based on the experience and the capacity of the firm or organization, quality of the technical offer and financial offer.
The bids shall be submitted no later than 25th January 2020.

SOURCE: Terms of Reference “Core-Life Skill Training” – Mogadishu

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