TERMS OF REFERENCE for a Two Week Training for bloggers and/or net-citizens


for a Two Week Training for bloggers and/or net-citizens
About Media INK
Established as the first Somali media development organization, Media INK is a spin-off of Free Press Unlimited. Media INK endeavours to foster press freedom and access to credible information while at the same time working with other key stakeholders to work towards a just society through the creation of avenues that contribute towards media professionalism and accountability.
Media INK believes that the media plays a crucial role as information provider, discussion platform and a means for empowerment of underrepresented groups, such as women. Media should be a facilitator for democracy, a watchdog and an advocate for an inclusive society in which human rights are respected.
Informing the public is no longer the exclusive domain of journalists and media outlets. With modern technology, comes the ability to communicate instantly, share stories and events as the unfold. Social media has enabled the public to express their opinions, share information and reach large number of people. People active in this forum are revered to as bloggers and/or net-citizens active in this fora. The impact of these citizens is tremendous and require understanding of the role and responsibilities that come
along with it.
Background of the training
Media INK is offering a unique opportunity for Somaliland bloggers and/or net-citizens to participate in a two weeks training in storytelling and social media campaign. The purpose of this training is to strengthen the capacity of bloggers and/or net-citizens to identify stories of social affairs and write issues of governance, accountability, corruption, and misuse of power and to structure powerful stories in fresh and engaging ways.
Objectives of the training
This course focuses on the role of bloggers and/or net-citizens by differentiating between objectivity and subjectivity. It also strengthens your capacity to improve your writing skills both online and on print. The participants will also learn how to adopt storytelling as a skill. How they can write for a target audience and to use different platforms of social media.
The course teaches bloggers and/or net-citizens basic understanding of storytelling methods so that they can identify and write compelling stories on critical issues that have impact in society.
Participants will:
Understand how to research and structure a story Understand how to use Social media for media Campaign Use different social media platform Story telling
Eligibility Criteria

Must be active on social media for at least 1 year
Be interested in and actively involved in Social issues
Have written at least 4 social issue stories in the last year
Willingness to be a blogger
Knowledge of using Microsoft office applications
Experience in writing stories on social issues

You can apply this course by submitting your CV, cover letter, at least two of your own productions of relevant materials, and support documents. Please send this material to traning@media-ink.org no later than 06 Feb 2019 . Media INK will short list candidates that best meet these criteria. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

SOURCE: TERMS OF REFERENCE for a Two Week Training for bloggers and/or net-citizens

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