TERMS OF REFERENCE for a Two Weeks Training for Journalists on investigative Journalism


for a Two Weeks Training for Journalists on investigative Journalism
About Media INK
Established as the first Somali media development organization, Media INK is a spin-off of Free Press Unlimited. Media INK endeavors to foster press freedom and access to credible information while at the same time working with other key stakeholders to work towards a just society through the creation of avenues that contribute towards media professionalism and accountability.
Media INK believes that media plays a crucial role as information provider, discussion platform and a means for empowerment of underrepresented groups, such as women. Media should be a facilitator for democracy, a watchdog and an advocate for an inclusive society in which human rights are respected.
Unprofessional and partisan media causes tensions and distrust in society, whereas trusted, balanced and independent media contribute to accountability. Independent media are essential in enabling democracy and safeguarding human rights. Citizens cannot exercise their rights or take part in public debate if they do not have access to factual information and have no possibility to express their opinions. Journalism and media houses play an important role, their job is to inform, educate and entertain.
Background of the training
Media INK is offering a unique opportunity for Somali journalists to participate in a two weeks training in investigative journalism. The purpose of this training is to strengthen the capacity of Somali journalists to identify and research issues of governance, accountability, corruption, and misuse of power and to structure powerful stories in fresh and engaging ways.
This hands-on training in investigative journalism will inspire participants with real-life investigations, give confidence to dig deeper, and help you structure and time your reporting to hit hard at practices which have previously gone unreported.
Objectives of the training
The main objective of this training is to ensure that a strong training package is delivered to journalists to equip them in the knowledge of high quality production of investigative stories and to use verification tools that will allow participants to broadcast accurate information to the public.
At the end of the training participants will have a basic understanding of investigative journalism methods, approaches, and techniques that are practical and accessible to every broadcast, print, or online journalist. They will also know how to uncover and tell original investigative stories in ways that can have impact on society.
The course teaches journalists investigative methods so that they can identify and uncover compelling stories on critical issues on corruption, governance and misuse of power and present them in a powerful way. Participants will:

Understand the structure of powerful narratives and character creation
Understand how to research and structure an (investigative) story
Understand the fundamentals of effective interviewing for story and investigation using a case study
Understand a methodical approach to investigation including creating a timeline, structuring and the creation of a master investigative dossier that includes a searchable database.
Compare and contrast case studies with their own experiences
Return home with a researched investigative plan

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum 2 years of journalism experience in production and reporting field
Basic knowledge of journalism skills
Produced at least five radio, TV or print stories related to the social issues
Knowledge of using Microsoft office applications
Experience in editing and producing quality stories
Have contract with a media organization or have media platform that s/he can use to publish investigative stories.

You can apply this course by submitting your CV, cover letter, at least two of your own productions of relevant materials, and a support letter either from your previous or current employer. Please send your application to training@media-ink.org no later than 06 February 2019 Media INK will short list candidates that best meet these criteria. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
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SOURCE: TERMS OF REFERENCE for a Two Weeks Training for Journalists on investigative Journalism

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