Terms of reference for developing short videography and High Resolution Photos for Livelihoods & Food Security Program in Galgadud Region in Somalia


Terms of reference for developing short videography and High Resolution Photos for Livelihoods & Food Security Program in Galgadud Region in Somalia.
Background Information
Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has been present in Somalia since 2004. Over these years, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has demonstrated a regional competence and expertise in working with displaced and host community populations. NRC has mainly focused on Somalis who are displaced by conflict and more recently by the drought and famine as well as their host communities.
NRC South Central is currently implementing cash based interventions (CBIs) funded by various donors including the Somalia Humanitarian Fund (SHF), European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) and Sida-Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. There projects are being implemented in Adado, Dhusamareb districts and Guriel and parts of Ceelbuur of Galgadud region, Galmudug state of Somalia.
The SHF project targets 10 villages under Elbuur district of Galgaudud region while the ECHO supports IDPs in Dhusamareb and Guriel and 10 rural villages under these towns. The modalities of the cash-based interventions(CBIs) include; Multipurpose Cash transfer assistance(unrestricted) and Cash for work (CFW). The CFW activities are being implemented in the following communities; Daadaale, Galqoryaale, Afcagag, Iidow, Beeyacad, Bari-ujeed, Jaw, Biyo gadud and Dabare and Dhagaxyaale villages of accessible parts of Elbuur District.
NRC is seeking the services of a qualified videographer with strong photography skills to support the collection of raw footage and high quality pictures of the food security interventions in Galgadud region, Somalia. The videographer will help NRC to document the short term impact of the interventions on the livelihoods and wellbeing of the families supported with the cash transfers and the communities at large through collecting and documenting beneficiary testimonies in the form of photographic and short video clips.
Purpose of the assignment:
To visually document through the collection of raw footage of the Cash for Work (CFW) activities and Multipurpose cash transfer’s beneficiaries in targeted communities in Guriel, Dhusamareb, Adado districts and accessible parts of Ceelbuur in Galgadud region. This will also include beneficiary interviews and case stories. The Consultant is further expected to collect high quality photographs of programme beneficiaries and activities to show the impact the intervention has had on their livelihoods and wellbeing of children and families.
The video producer will capture (both pictures and video clips) the overall impact of the intervention including community based nutritional sensitization campaigns, monthly cash transfers (both MPC and CFW) and the selected CFW schemes. The consultant is expected to travel to all SHF activities sites under Elbuur district, Galgadud region.
Specific Deliverables:

Film footage that will be repackaged into 5 – 10 minute videos targeting multiple audiences
High quality videos in raw footage. These should be provided in a format compatible with the latest video editing suits.
At least 200 high qualities, high-resolution and appropriately edited photographs

Time frame:

This assignment is expected to take ten (10) working days (Monday 1st October – Sunday 14th October), and the videographer will be appropriately briefed on the expected outcomes, context and the programme beforehand. The videographer is expected to travel with the NRC programme and communications teams to all sites pre-identified for this assignment. The ability to travel freely within target project sites in Galgadud is therefore necessary.

Technical Certificate and training packages for media production and videos production, photography as well as story telling techniques in rural areas.
Work Experience.

Previous experience of production for humanitarian activities.
Extensive experience in producing and development of documentary related activities for publication with aim of reaching both local and international audiences
Local knowledge and technical experiences to ensure smoothness of a high quality production.

Very good knowledge of English and Somali.
NRC will cover all the consultant’s fees and other expenses related to logistics (including transport to the project sites) under the SHF project.
The assignment is required to start by 1st October, 2018.
Application requirements
An updated CV including relevant work experience and qualifications, Contact details of 3 references and Evidence for videos filming tools and equipment.
Deadline for the application is 29th September 2018 and deliver your application at NRC Mogadishu Office KM5 Zoobe opposite Adan Abdulle Hospital.

SOURCE: Terms of reference for developing short videography and High Resolution Photos for Livelihoods & Food Security Program in Galgadud Region in Somalia

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