Terms of Reference For Trainer on Data management in relation to Policy formulation and Implementation


Terms of Reference
For Trainer on Data management in relation to Policy formulation and Implementation


VSF Germany is an international Non-Governmental Organization, providing humanitarian aid and development assistance to pastoralists and vulnerable communities in areas where livestock is of importance. Currently, VSF- Germany Somaliland field office has been implementing three year project titled as “Securing livelihoods of agro-pastoralists through setting up and strengthening of livestock sector value chains, promoting infrastructure and generating income” since June 2016. The goal of the project is to “improve livelihood of dairy and meat-producing agro-pastoralists and members of the milk and meat value chain through increased income and all year improved access to animal products at local markets for approximately 110,000 consumers in order to ensure their supply with high- quality protein’. The overall coordination and policy guidance of the project is carried out by the MoL in Hargeisa. In addition to this, the project is collaborating closely with other key stakeholders-at producer, trader and consumer levels while strengthening public and private partnership (PPP) particularly in the dairy and meat sectors. As stipulated in the project document, Capacity building of public and private sector institutions to regulate and provide services in dairy and meat sectors is one of the proposed interventions to improve the services delivery in public and private sectors. To identify the core capacity gaps and needs, the project has been undertaken capacity assessment in government institutions in policy development and implementation. The assessment finding indicated that the livestock sector operates an enabling policy and regulatory environment which is improving over time. However, the implementation and awareness of the policies are not yet effective to allow the milk and meat sectors to expand. The staff at Ministry of Livestock although qualified, lack concrete skills in policy formulation and implementation. Others were said to lack of political good will for implementation of the policies. Following the finding of capacity assessment, VSF Germany has been delivered TOT training for government institution core staff at all level on policy development and formulation and implementation. As part of the continuity of capacity building, the project has planned to provide capacity building training for core government institutions at all level on data collection, management, analysis, interpretation and decision through using standard statistical software particularly SPSS. Therefore, VSF Germany is looking for competent
consultant who have both intensive theoretical and practical experiences and capable to deliver this training for government institutions.
Contextual Analysis
Somalia/Somaliland is the longest running failed state in modern history of the world. While the whole land is fragile and vulnerable to conflict, the three major governance blocks have different levels of political, social, economic and institutional development. Somaliland remains internationally unrecognized but, in contrast to the South, has developed its own political institutions, judiciary, police, armed forces and currency. In 2012 the Federal Government of Somalia was formed, ushering hope of stability therefore giving strength to humanitarian and development work through signing international treaties like Conversion on the Rights of Children and drafting the National Development Plan.
In this context, Somaliland’s policy advocacy, development and delivering, standard data collection, analysis tools, interpretation and decision remains limited and therefore needs strengthening. However, with national call to promote localization for policies strengthening local partners to carry out data collection , management , analysis , interpretation and decision through making use of standard statistical tools and software would therefore be the acceptable practice and in alignment with the government priority.

Objectives of the Assignment

In view of the above background information, VSF Germany would like to commission a consultant to provide capacity building training for government institutions’ staff on both theoretical and practical statically data collection tools , management , analysis , interpretation and decision . The main focus will be to ascertain how well the government institutions staff grasp and internalize data collection tools, management, analysis, interpretation and make sound decision to achieve the intended objectives of the data management for policy development and formulation and planning. In particular the consultant/training facilitators will ensure the following core training topics:

Designing data collection system and tools for policy development and implementation

Use of standard data collection electronic equipment and its applications Data collection and Sampling techniques
Data entry
Developing, selection and administering of questionnaires, interview guides

Establishing database for policy development and implementation.

Data storing using different types of media
Data transferring into different form for analysis using different statistical software Data protections and security
Data sharing management

Management and analysis of technical data in relation to policy development and implementation.

Data tracing and correction of errors
How to use different data analysis tools in the statistical software
Analysis of data and interpretation for various purpose and consumption including policy influences


The capacity building training will be conducted in Hargiesa city .The selection of consultant will be on the basis of areas experiences in delivering similar training in the past and related educational background.
To sufficiently address the key objectives stated above, the consultant should adopt mixed methods combining both theoretical and practical skill and knowledge on statistical tools and application. The theoretical training session will use participatory methods including focus group discussions and familiarizing the participants with key skill and knowledge and principles and concepts of statistical tools and package and application. Whereas the practical session will include individual and group exercise in computer application in data entry , correction of missing data , transforming , application of statically tools , analysis , interpretation and decision and recommendation and field practical session(s) as well.

Scope of work

The overall focus should be in acquainting the government institutions core staff with the necessary theoretical and practical skill , knowledge and concepts and principles of stastical package of data management and analysis for policy planning and development . The training is believed to improve skill and knowledge gaps in government institution in data management ,analysis and interpretation in future policy development , planning and implementation related to livestock sector. The consultant is expected to propose his/her methodology for delivering the training, which should include but not limited to:
Qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis
Application of statistical software particularly the SPSS package Concepts and principle of statistical package
Data management, circulation and interpretation for policy influence , development
and planning.
Database systems and easy use of databases.
Ensure individual and group practical exercises in its application
.familiarize the trainees with sample data , analysis and interpretation using SPSS package


The consultants should deliver the following outputs and services:
The consultant will prepare and submit an inception report describing detailed methodology, training timeline and work plan agreed with VSF Germany. The Inception Report should include:
Overview of training package including materials Expectations of the training
Team Composition and Roles and Responsibilities Training Methodology
Training schedule (Work Scheduling).
Materials needed for the training including software etc.
Detailed methodology of training – including tools to be used, and methodology.

Proposed Timeframe

The duration of the whole training work including training material preparation, delivering of the training and reporting is estimated to be 20 days of which at least 40% of the time will be spent in training materials preparation. This will be subject to further discussion based on the plan to be submitted by the consultant. With regard to the starting date, VSF Germany aims the training to take place starting from first week of July 2018.


VSF Germany, wants to outsource this consultancy service to a competent professional consultant with relevant educational background and adequate work experiences.The consultant should have a thorough undertaking of both theoretical and practical statistical package and data management and analysis with regards to policy development and planning. In particular the following skills:
A post graduate degree (MSc, MA or Ph.D.) in Statistics and , Economics, Social Sciences, or
other related field and relevant experience
Advanced and demonstrated data collection and analysis skills both in qualitative and
quantitative data.
Experience with relevant program implementation in pastoral and agro-pastoral context
Minimum of five years of prior experience performing similar training in Somalia particularly
A high level of understanding and analysis of Somalia context
Excellent participatory planning/facilitation skills and experience in using participatory
Excellent written and verbal English language skills for delivering the training materials and presentations. Demonstrated ability to describe results of data analysis and interpretation to
Evidence of relevant previous experience and/or names and contact details of references with good knowledge of your previous work, i.e., three professional references with the telephone
numbers and e-mail addresses of contacts
Sample report of similar training conducted and contact names of organization submitted to. Institutions with training facilities in Hargeisa are prefered.
Personal attributes &skills (highly desirable)
Applicant must be post graduate degree and a team of multi-disciplinary individuals, including
statistics and Economics,
Specific training and/or experiences in pastoral livestock systems
Experienced in carrying out relevant consultancies for international NGO, major donor or UN Excellent analytical skills
Excellent English communication skills both oral and written
Local language abilities particularly Somali among the team is must
Ability to ensure independence as well as integration of each component of the training package

Expressions of Interest

Interested consultants should send the information listed below:
Technical proposal outlining the background, training objectives, methodologies, timeline, training team, profile of respective consultancy firm , latest curriculum vitae (of the consultant and any supporting team members)in undertaking the training
Separate Detailed financial proposal which includes consultant fee , transport and accommodation
Interested Institutions/ consultants should read and strictly follow the detailed Terms of Reference (ToR) and submit both technical and financial proposals not later than Wednesday 25th July, 2018 to: Recruitment@vsfg.org , with CC to Tesfaye@vsfg.org . Please indicate “Capacity building training for government institutions” in the subject line. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
VSF Germany reserves the right to choose any one of those applying or reject all bids received

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