TERMS OF REFERENCE NADFOR Capacity building on DRR and EW Consultancy

NADFOR Capacity building on DRR and EW Consultancy
10th-25th August 2019


In 2016/17 Somalia faced by a humanitarian crisis that pushed 3.3 million people in a situation of crisis and emergency (IPC Phases 3 and 4). Pastoralist communities are the most affected with 85% of them who have lost more than 90% of their livestock. Pastoralist are not able to withstand the increasing frequency of droughts.
Livelihoods have been destroyed, more than 700.000 men women and children have migrated in search for water and many have ended up in IDP camps near villages and cities. The living conditions in these camps are precarious, with lack of access to safe drinking water and poor hygiene conditions leading to outbreak of AWD and possibly cholera.
This crisis exposed vulnerable groups such as women, children and female-headed households to the risk of gender based violence (GBV) and sexual exploitation.
Faced with this crisis and with the limited capacity of local humanitarian actors, Oxfam Somalia initiated a humanitarian response, focusing on WASH, EFVSL and ADW/Cholera interventions in the northern regions (Sool, Sanaag, Toghdeer).
Oxfam has been supporting NADFOR since its establishment in 2003 on various areas including institutional capacity building including establishment and supporting disaster risk management sector and ability of the NADFOR on improved early warning and early action.
Oxfam is currently supporting NADFOR on the development of mobile early warning information collection, management and dissemination. As part of this project, Oxfam is aiming to further develop capacity of key DRR and EW sector staff to ensure effective EW system is in place.
The overall objective of the project is: Men, women and children living in the pastoral areas of the Sanaag Region of Somaliland enjoy their right to food security, safe water, health and protection and can withstand external shocks.
Specific objectives:

To Increase resilience of targeted pastoral and agro pastoral populations and support recovery efforts
To improve local government and institutional preparedness to mitigate, prepare and respond to the effects of drought and support pastoral/agro pastoral communities cope with future droughts


Summary of Consultancy Purpose

The purpose of this mission is to enhance capacity of NADFOR staff on DRR and early warning system at Somaliland level. we are looking for a seasoned early warning early action expert to provide capacity building through mentoring and coaching of NADFOR core program staff responsible for DRM sector to promote in-house capacity to management, collect and disseminate information.
It is also envisaged that community based early warning committees will be linked to NADFOR not only on early warning data collection but also dissemination efforts.
Mentoring and coaching in NADFOR office is expected to improve responsible government staff to lead and coordinate timely EWEA information. The external consultant will carry out together with Oxfam staff a two weeks capacity building with DRR and EW lens and will produce necessary tools used for EWEA to help develop shared understanding and tools used for intended purpose.

Scope of Work / Key Tasks

Identify capacity gaps of the commission specific to DRM and early warning and prepare necessary arrangement to build their capacity
Support NADFOR staff on the development of workable EW tools to be used for early warning information collection and management
Lead and facilitate improved capacity of staff through mentoring and coaching at NADFOR office for a period of two weeks
This mentoring and coaching is crucial for regional level coordinators and thus though this assignment may not benefit them, it is expected that NADFOR staff at Hargeisa will cascade the benefits to regional and district level structures
Work with Oxfam staff to identify indicators and design community based early warning indicators and thresholds to pilot mobile early warning project suitable in the context of Somaliland
Engage with DRM and EW team and understand current ways of working, bottlenecks and opportunities
Support ways to link community-based EW committees to NADFOR focal people and ensure stronger coordination of early warning information collection

Expected Outputs


Mentoring and coaching report including key recommendations to follow up
Development of EWEA tools for NADFOR to use in the EWEA
Develop indicators for community based early warning information collection including thresholds

Time Commitment

The assignment is expected to take approximately 15 working days to complete.
Preparation for the mentoring and coaching is planned to take place from 12th -13th August
Training/mentoring and coaching should take place from 14th-29th of August 2019
Assignment report including tools developed to be submitted on 31st August .

Line Manager
Oxfam’s livelihoods and food security advisor and NADFOR commissioner will line manage the consultant while the business support manager will have the administrative role for the consultant

Essential skills and qualifications for the consultant

Relevant university degree (postgraduate degree preferred) on disaster risk management and sustainable development from accredited institution.
A seasoned expert on mentoring and coaching on DRM and early warning with at least ten years in this field
Knowledge and experience in setting up EW system in the Somali ecosystem
Experience and hands on information on the changing climate and importance of building preparedness measures in place
Previous experience in establishing relevant and appropriate early warning data collection tools
Knowledge and experience of working in food security and DRM in Somaliland, with strong understanding of rural livelihoods and approaches for resilience programming, climate-change adaptation and/or disaster risk reduction.
Experience in administering mentoring and coaching service to government institutions
Exceptionally renowned trainer and a practitioner on early warning with high level of data collection and management and dissemination techniques who can transfer knowledge to staff
Strong management skills: able to organize the work of teams of DRM and early warning so as to complete the work on schedule and to the required standard.
Strong information technology/computer skills.
Excellent English technical writing and communication skills while speaking local language will be an asset

Proposals are invited from organizations and individual consultants who meet the profile described above. The proposal should outline the consultant’s profile, proposed management arrangements, an itemized budget, and examples of previous work. The consultant’s CV should be included in the proposal.
The budget submitted by the consultant should include:

Consultant’s fees and subsistence for approximately 15-17 days of work.
Printing of training materials
Consultants’ travel and any other costs anticipated in completing this assignment if outside Somaliland.
Contact details for the consultant.

Oxfam will pay 40% upon signing of the contract to the consultant  and the final payment will be paid subject to verification and submission of acceptable quality report endorsed by Oxfam and NADFOR leadership.
The closing date for Applications is 8th August 2019.
Interested candidates are requested to submit their expression of interest/proposal by 8th August 2019 with the subject  NADFOR Capacity building on DRR and EW Consultancy
to Email: somaliajobs@oxfam.org

SOURCE:  TERMS OF REFERENCE NADFOR Capacity building on DRR and EW Consultancy


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