Terms of Reference National Action Plan on Sexual Violence in Conflict (NAP/SVC) Coordinator


Terms of Reference
National Women’s Rights Protection Expert to Support the Federal Government of Somalia in Implementingthe National Action Plan on Sexual Violence in Conflict (NAP/SVC)
Title:National Action Plan on Sexual Violence in Conflict (NAP/SVC) Coordinator
Duration:             12 Monthswith the possibility of renewal
The Federal Government of Somalia working through the Ministry of Human Rights and Women Development adopted a National Action Plan on Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict (NAP/SVC). The NAP/SVC states that since the 1991 collapse of the government of Somalia and the descent into civil war, the country has faced chronic insecurity, the destruction of its social, economic, and political infrastructure, and human right abuses perpetrated with impunity. These human rights abuses include sexual violence against women and girls. In Mogadishu in particular, sexual violence against women and girls is endemic.
Most survivors still depend on traditional justice mechanisms, including customary and sharia law, which are not supportive of survivors’ rights. The informal justice mechanisms often result in a further victimization of the survivors, including having them forcefully married to the perpetrators or the family receiving compensation. The situation is even worse with the conflict-related sexual violence as it remains a critical protection concern in Somalia with internally displaced women and girls living in settlements of Internally-Displaced Persons (IDP) that heightens their risk of sexual violence, exploitation and abuse. Available data suggests that about 80% of the survivors of sexual violence are IDP women and girls.
In order to combat sexual violence specifically, FGS signed the Joint Communique on the Prevention of Sexual Violence with the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict in May 2013. In ensuring the translation of the government’s commitment into actions, efforts to increase engagement on prevention GBV within the development and humanitarian context have been intensified.  For example, Somalia has adopted a Post-Transition Human Rights Road Map for 2013-2015 and the New Deal Compact, both of which are strongly built on the necessity to address human rights concerns, including those affecting women, youths and children.
Following this, in December 2013, the Office of the Prime Minister invited the Team of Experts (TOE) and UK Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative (PSVI) Team and UNWOMEN to undertake a technical assessment to review the current challenges, ongoing efforts and determine the form of assistance that could be provided to the Government. The Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development has utilized the team’s subsequent report, which outlines recommendations for action by the FGS to address conflict-related sexual violence, as an evidence base, and organized 5-day consultation workshop in order to agree aims and objectives with all the relevant government ministries.
The result of this extensive consultation is the national action plan on sexual violence, which is in full alignment with the New Deal Compact, and has been agreed across multiple government line ministries. Civil Society Organizations also took part in the consultation process. This is a landmark achievement where the FGS has taken a leading role to fulfill its responsibility and many government line ministries, including the Ministry of Defense, Justice, National Security, Education, Higher Education, Religious Affairs and Health, in addition to the Somali Armed Forces and Somali Police Force, have clearly demonstrated their concerted commitment to end sexual violence in conflict.
The NAP/SVC clearly indicates its linkage with the Somali Compact PSGs as well as with the Joint Communique commitment and the Somalia GBV working group strategy. Thus, it is imperative for international partners to support the initiative taken by the FGS and humanitarian and development partners to protect the human rights as well as to end impunity towards the most marginalized citizens, women and girls in Somalia.
To ensure smooth coordination, harmonization and collective accountability by both the government and partners in fulfillment of  the promise expressed by the government representatives and partners  who participated in the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict held in London on 10-13 June 2014, a steering committee was set up to oversee the implementation of the NAP/SVC. The Steering Committee will serve as a platform for coordination and management of investments in the area of sexual violence in conflict based on national ownership. The Steering Committee will also serve as a platform through which the coordination of the implementation of the NAP/SVC will be shared between the Federal Government of Somali, UNSOM, UN Agencies and civil society organisations and donor partners.
Overall Goal and Purpose
Under the co-supervision of the Director General of the Ministry for Women and Human Rights Development and the Senior Women Protection Adviser UNSOM, the National Women Protection Expert will support the implementation of the NAP/SVC. The National Women Protection Expert   will work in close collaboration with the NAP/SVC Steering Committee, and the UNSOM Women Protection Unit  to ensure the protection of women  in the implementation of the NAP/SVC.
Within the delegated authority, the National Women Protection Expert will be responsible for the following:

Supports the MoWHRD in developing its plans on how to implement the NAP/SVC and in ensuring that gender issues are mainstreamed.
Reviews, monitors and evaluates activities relating to the implementation of the NAP/SVC.
Ensures that gender perspectives are mainstreamed in the implementation of NAP/SVC and in the work of the Steering Committee.
Works with the Steering Committee and the Women Protection Unit of UNSOM to integrate and mainstream conflict related sexual violence in the activities of the MoWHRD in its implementation of the NAP/SVC.
Works with other ministry focal points and coordinates with them on implementing the activities of the NAP/SVC in ensuring that conflict related sexual violence issues are mainstreamed in these activities and programmes.
Assists country military and police to ensure that women’s protection measures are mainstreamed when implementing the NAP/SVC.
Provides technical assistance to the Steering Committee including preparing the agenda, taking the minutes and action points of the meetings, supporting mid-term reviews, preparation of quarterly and annual reports of the Steering Committee.
Works very closely with the Women Protection Unit of UNSOM to ensure that women protection issues are prioritized.
Performs other related duties as required.

How to apply
All applications must be sent tothe Director General of the Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development, apply@mwhrd.gov.so
To be considered your application must be received before 5 PM (Mogadishu time) on 26September 2018. Shortlisted candidates will be informed of the status of their application.

SOURCE: Terms of Reference National Action Plan on Sexual Violence in Conflict (NAP/SVC) Coordinator

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