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Action Aid InternationalSomaliland (AAIS) is part of global federation working to end poverty and injustice with thousands of communities and millions of people across the planet guided by its strategy ‘Action for global Justice’ that ensures coherence, aligning with the poor and excluded people, re-asserting women’s rights, strengthening accountability, and building resilience against shocks & hazards.
Project Description

Programme  title
Improving smallholder farmers’ livelihoods in agro-pastoral communities of Western Maroodijeh, Somaliland.

Job title
CRSA facilitator

Boqor, Gogeysa, Elginised, Dhalada, Gogol wanag and benyo-liban villages

6 days

ActionAid promotes Climate Resilient Sustainable Agriculture (CRSA) in Somaliland through construction of shallow wells, earth dams, and sand storage dams, provision of seeds, tools, irrigation equipment, sprayers and tillage hours. ActionAid enhances farming skills and collective action to increase productivity and access to markets whilst sharing knowledge, information and building confidence and self-esteem of the farming communities. Farmers’ organisations have been trained on networking and advocacy to influence national policies and market prices of farm produce. In the training seminars, farmers are facilitated to discuss on the effects and adaptation strategies of climate change. Moreover, ActionAid commissioned a study on impacts of climate change on Agricultural Production in Marodijeh and Gabiley Regions (Somaliland) in 2016.

Specific Objectives

The core objectives of the training are the following:

To give communities awareness raising about Climate Resilience sustainable (CRSA) agriculture
To orientate community about the pillars of the CRSA
To address the linkage between climate change and the agriculture
To draw solutions of climate change mitigation and adaptation in agriculture


The potential facilitator is expected to use a combination of methods as outlined below:

User-friendly presentations for illiterate and semi-illiterate rural people
Different facilitation/learning techniques such as group discussions, role play and any other relevant exercise.
Participants share case stories and practical experience
Discussions on the subject matter
Practical demonstrations.

Duration of the assignment

The assignment will be completed within six (6) workingdays.

Duties and responsibilities

The training facilitator is expected to perform the following activities:

Come up with detailed proposal reflecting training contents and methodologies for ActionAid approval
Develop quality training materials i.e. training manual, any relevant extension advisory services, and tools for farmers training at village level.
Responsible for recording daily attendance of participants and handling sessions with strict supervision and controlling. The participant lists have to be disaggregated by gender and age
Demonstrate quality facilitation skills during the sessions
Produce report with sound case studies and action photos at the end of the training

Expected outcome:

Enhanced farmers’ understanding on Climate Resilience Sustainable Agriculture
A comprehensive Training report with case studies, testimonies, anecdotes and lesson learned regarding diseases and pest control practices

Qualification and Experience

The applicant should possess the following qualifications and experience:

Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture, environmental science or related fields. Postgraduate Degree is highly treasured.
At least twoyears of relevant and hands-on experience in conducting similar trainings and community work in agro-pastoral at rural settings
Excellent communication and dissemination skills and fluency in Somali and English languages
Strong facilitation skills
Report writing skills

How to Apply:
Interested candidate who fulfil the above requirements can submit their CV and proposal with budget at admin.somaliland@actionaid.orgnot later than 6th February, 2019 at 4:00pm


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