‘The Mosque of Jesus Christ Son Of Mary’ to heal Muslim-Christian rivalry in Kenya – Somali Info


The Standard, one of the widely read newspapers in Kenya, revealed an uplifting tale at the “Mosque of Jesus Christ, Son of Mary” in Kaloleni, Kisumu County (Kenya).

The mosque’s name was in moderation selected by way of the local Muslim Association with the intention to build bridges and heal the rift between the Muslim neighborhood and the native Seventh Day Adventist Church.

The Christian and Muslim communities had just lately tussled over ownership of the parcel of land on which the mosque now rests.
The dispute is alleged to have lasted for thirty 5 years.

“We are not enemies with Christians,” says Abdul Rashid, a muezzin of the Mosque of Jesus Christ, Son of Mary. Some Christians in Kisumu County welcomed the mosque announcing it will build non violent coexistence.

“It is a good gesture. I think that it is a strong indication that Muslims and Christians regard each other as brothers and sisters,” mentioned Joseph Odhiambo, a Christian. Various news assets reported that the title of the masjid, the Arabic phrase for mosque, caused an web sensation.

Christians were reportedly perplexed that the Muslim group would commit their prayer space to Jesus. The Qur’an, the Islamic holy guide, states that Jesus was once reinforced with the holy spirit (Qur’an 2:287) and that he’ll be venerated on this world and the hereafter (Qur’an 3:4).

Muhammad (P.B.U.H), the final prophet of the Islamic custom, is reported to have stated that he and Jesus had been like brothers from different mothers.

Muslims believe Jesus to be a prophet of God who will go back to Earth before the Day of Judgment to ascertain peace and defeat the anti-Christ.

The Mosque of Jesus Christ, Son of Mary isn’t the only masjid on the planet named after Jesus and/or Mary. A mosque in Abu Dhabi (UAE) is known as “Mariam, Umm Isa,” which translations to “Mary, Mother of Jesus.”

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