TOR for Motivational Speaker


TOR for Motivational Speaker.

Position: 1 Motivational speaker – Jowhar & Baidoa
Post type: Somali National
Organizational Background

Somali peace Line (SPL) is non-profit making and non-governmental local organization, established to contribute towards bringing lasting and sustainable peace, advocate for human rights of disadvantage groups, capacity building, social harmony and good governance.
Somali Peace Line was founded in 1995, following the second International Congress of Somali Studies in Paris, France that looked at the “Culture of Peace in Somalia”. SPL fulfills a distinct mandate and is guided by the principles of Political and Social Non-partisanship, Transparency & Accountability, Best Interests of the Child, belief in the capacity of Somalis to solve their own problems, Gender equity and reduction and/or elimination of poverty and illiteracy as a means to sustainable peace.
SPL is committed to empower Somali Society to solve its internal problems through peaceful dialogue. SPL is a key member organization of the Somali civil society organizations and is continually acknowledged and appreciated by its partners for its tireless commitment and collaboration in the cause of social change.
Somali Peace Line in partnership with the Life & Peace Institute (LPI) is implementing a project that addresses some of the obstacles that curtail the participation of women and youth from decision-making in Somalia. Through a combination of methodologies, the action intends to transform inter-personal/intergroup relationships among youth and women, provide space for collaboration, enhance self-efficacy, address the economic needs of young people and ensure their engagement with local decision-makers while also lifting their contributions to national policies. The overall objective of the action is to contribute to women and youth empowerment and inclusion as agents of peace in Somalia as a building-block for a more stable, resilient and accountable society.


Somali Peace Line wishes to contract qualified motivational speaker for the Participatory Peace building & Development project in Baidoa and Jowhar. The speaker will travel to these two towns monthly to impart knowledge, counsel and experience, and above all, inspire. She/he is expected to create visionary and self-confident youth that have not only the skills but also the determination needed to succeed in a volatile environment like Somalia.
This activity which is intended to help women and female and male youth have synchronously increased self-confidence and efficacy at the personal level, is planned to be implemented monthly in Jowhar and Baidoa. The speaker will make presentations to 240 participants/moderators in each town at the end of every month in a period of 6 months. The participants may ask questions about the topic. The topics should reach out to the self-actualization or ‘minds and souls’ of female and male youth by supporting motivational speeches that can inspire hope and help build their self-esteem, which will further strengthen their resilience. Inspirational figures will mobilise their social, religious or individual roles and achievements to strengthen the confidence and sense of self-efficacy of the targeted youth.
7.     Expected Outputs and Deliverables

Deliverables/ Outputs
Estimated Duration to Complete
Target Due Dates
Review and Approvals Required

 Speech development
3 days
3rd week of each month
Program/Project mangers

Submission of written speech in word/PPT format/plan for the session
Within 3rd week
17th monthly
SPL Project mangers

Travel to Baidoa/Jowhar
six days
22-30th of each month
SPL Project mangers/Operation manager

 8.     Institutional Arrangement

SPL Project Manager will directly supervise the contractor. The contractor will report to and seek approval and acceptance of output from the project Manager

The contractor will share written speech in word and PPT format one week before the implementation of the event. The contractor will make presentation to 240 SD participants and moderators in Baidoa/Jowhar

During the course of work, the contractor will work with and collaborate with project team, local government and partner organization.

SPL Program Manager will participate the approval and evaluation of performance of the contractor
The project will provide travel costs, accommodation and meals and consultancy fee to the contractor

9.     Duration of the Work

The expected duration of work will be 9 days in every month of a period of six months. The speaker will develop the speech in three days and six days for the implementation of the events. The work will start 20th every month and expected to be completed on 30th of each month.
Any delay to the service can cause termination of contract to the following month.

10.  Duty Station
The contractor should be available to travel for the implementation of the events or to meet face-to face with implementing partners if need arises.
11.  Qualifications

Has first degree of social science, business administration, psychology, anthropology or related fields.
Can commit to do actual hosting task on the dates and venues specified;
With 3 years of relevant experience in serving as motivational speaker/facilitator in advocacy activities; understanding of and ability to relate with the culture, and knowledge of a local dialect.
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Highly confident in public speaking and demonstrates good rapport with varied audiences
Flexible and can manage schedule on time; and Familiar with government processes.

12.  Scope of Price Proposal and Schedule of Payments
The Proposal shall be presented in the following manner:

Duly accomplished Letter of Confirmation of Interest and Availability;
Personal Curriculum Vitae highlighting the qualifications that meet the minimum requirements stated in above, and at least three (3) references;
Explaining why he/she is the most suitable contractor for the work, and a brief methodology on how he/she will approach and conduct the work (1-2 pages only since the methodology is already described in the Annex); and
The Financial Proposal containing the final and all inclusive (professional fees, all envisaged travel costs, etc.) total price offer for the full range of services required, broken down into all major cost components associated with the services.
The outline of at least six topics for improving the self confidence of women and youth bearing in mind the context of target areas.

13.  Assessment

The evaluation of qualified candidates may include a desk review of the applications, an assessment exercise and/or competency-based interview.

14.  Application process:
Send to:, copy to: ,  not later than 6th September 2018.

SOURCE: TOR for Motivational Speaker

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