TRAINING: LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT (IN-CLASS)                                                                  
Courses Description
The main purpose of the training is to cover the theoretical and practical knowledge required to handle logistics and supply chain management for the public, international organizations and private procuring entities. By the end of this training the participants will be able to:

Understand the basic ideas of logistics and procurement.
Analyze methods of managing the transports and warehouses of an organization.
Apply the principles and methods of procurement.

The workshop will adopt
One-on-one session: a session with the facilitator to set out your learning needs, discussions and Dialogue: a structured progression of questions that reveal the intricacy of the topic under discussion. Experiential learning: group exercises that reveal insights into the everyday practice of logistics and supply chain management.
Target Group
Whether they are working in logistics and procurement Departments, business, engineering, information technology, health or education and Government agencies, local NGOs and International NGOs they are beneficiary of this training program.
The training uses a range of methods, including presentation, group discussions and practical real life exercises.
Course Contents
Chapter 1
An overview of Logistics and supply chain Management
Chapter 2
Warehousing and Transport Management
Chapter 3
Logistics Reporting
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Methods of Procurement
Chapter 6
Supply chain Management
Chapter 7
Cold Chain Management
When is the Training
Starting date: 11-16 October, 2018 duration: 5 days Training program.
The course will take place in Garowe, Puntland state of Somalia.
The course fee is $30 per individually including (course materials, refreshment, and certificate)
How to register and pay fee
Interested participants should apply and paid fee through Gollis Sahal account number and deposit Amal bank account number or by visited our office in Garow, Bulsho road area. Or call +252-906619622.
Amal bank account number: 1012543187 or Golis account number: 488316 or by hand delivery.
Account title: Oriental Professional Training skills
Shifts: morning, afternoon, evening. And weekends
Plz for further inquiries please call on +252-906619622
Facilitator: Mohamed Ilkacase-
Cellphone: +252906619622


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