Why only politics?  Let us take a break! What does reading mean to you?


Why only politics? I mean, despite the fact that there are numerous subjects worth to be discussed by my fellow citizens. Here I am going to start one new subject with a simple question: What does reading mean to me?

I do not read for readings sake nor do I do this in order to get more information than I can remember at any moment. I just read to get a relief- some psychological balance. What I mean this is not that I read as sport or amusement but I read to regain a peace of mind after perhaps a long bad day.

I really don’t remember when I have developed this kind of reading habit, but I do know that it is the only thing (except for Wacdiga Allah) I do resort to when I just feel a kind of psychological disturbances. The kind of books I like most and how much time I spend reading them are what I am going to cover the rest of this essay.

Not all the covers of the books catch or attract my attention whenever I try to choose books I would read that day. There are some books (fiction books) which I don’t like to read unless I am obliged to do so. Philosophy is the subject I like most and the books which are and were written about this field are the books I always prefer to read.

Not only I like the subject itself but also the fundamental questions it discusses and the conclusions it draws. It is the moment- that I go through the world ideas- when I get the peace in mind. Classic books I always start with include Plato’s The Republic in which Socrates (an ancient Greek philosopher) is always the main character.

By reading this I experience the absence of material world because it is the only moment I feel that the desires that would start the engine of material world disappear.

What we call Renaissance period is a time when many believe to be credited with as the rebirth of philosophy. It was a time that among other philosophers Niccole Machiavelli (1469-1527) has retreated in his farmhouse in order to begin his work of writing. With this work he has composed and produced his famous book The Prince in 1513 what many scholars believe to have been a handbook for leaders.

I read the prince in order to come to the reality. Because Niccole Machiavelli always discusses the world affairs as they are, not as they ought to be. John Jacques Rousseau (1712- 1778) is another instructor of enlightenment period.

He was one of the leading intellectuals of Romantic Movement. Rousseau’s book Emile is one of the books I enjoy reading. The time I spend reading those book are limitless, it means that they daily preoccupy me simply because I get relief of them.

Now, a new name has joined the list of my intellectual heroes. Yuval Noah Harari is the author of two books which are now in my backpack. Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind and Homo Deus A Brief History of Tomorrow.

Both books cover many different fields of education, history, culture, philosophy, psychology, biology, physics, chemistry and theology. I would recommend you as a reader of my essay to read these two books if you have time and energy to do so.

The author does not only invite the reader the knowledge of the past and present but he presents the possible future that we Homo sapiens are facing when it comes to modern technology.

Finally, I ask you as a reader:

What does reading mean to you?

Which kind of books do you read and why?

How much time do you spend reading?

How came that you have started reading books?

Who are your intellectual heroes and why?

Have you some friends you discuss with what you have read?   

By answering these questions, you are going to contribute a very important thing to the whole cause. Together, we will be able to take a break from the tiresome business of   Somali politics at the time.

Cali Amiin

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